• Does Dr. Rodman treat patients from out of town?

    Yes, Dr. Rodman sees patients from different parts of the United States and all over the world. As an out of town patients should send an inquiry through the website, or send an email directly to office@faceforwardhouston.com. Please state what procedure you are interested in and what your goals are. If you can include some photos of yourself that will help Dr. Rodman to see and understand your concerns. After this, Dr. Rodman will set up a video conference by FaceTime or Skype so you can “meet” and discuss your options.

  • Where do patients from out of town stay after their surgery?

    One option for immediate post operative stay is our Restorative Suites. This is a medical hotel located in our facility, and it is staffed with around the clock nursing care. Here you will get the highest quality of hospital care with the feel of a luxury hotel.

    For patient who do not need intense nursing care after surgery, but need to stay in the area, there are several hotels within a few blocks of our surgery center. We have arrangements with a transportation service as well as local hotels and restaurants for your convenience.

  • What makes Dr. Rodman different from other plastic surgeons?

    Dr. Rodman is different because she specializes only in the face. Her training in ENT, Craniofacial Surgery and Facial Plastics makes her one of the few facial plastic surgeons who can treat bony defects as well as soft tissue problems. Her extensive training in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery gives her an eye for beauty in both adults and children.

  • Does Dr. Rodman take insurance?

    Dr. Rodman does take insurance but is an out of network provider.

  • Is rhinoplasty covered under insurance if there is problem breathing through the nose?

    Although Dr. Rodman does take insurance, patients must understand that not all procedures are covered under insurance. A septoplasty, turbinate reduction or functional rhinoplasty may be covered under insurance, but how much is covered varies by policy. Changes to the nose that are only cosmetic will likely not be covered by insurance. These cosmetic changes can still be done in the same surgery, but the patient may have to pay separately for the cosmetic portion.

  • What financing options are available?

    We accept Care Credit and Alphaeon as well as cash, check and credit card for payment. Care Credit and Alphaeon are separate companies from HPCS and work like a “medical credit card.” These companies make arrangements for patients to pay for their surgery over a period of time.