Jaw Implants

Mandibular angle implants can help patients with a soft lower face get a stronger jawline. Mandibular implants are placed at the angle of the mandible and help to enhance the appearance of the posterior jaw.

There are three main types of mandibular implants, and each comes in a variety of sizes.
The first is intended to widen the jaw. This defines the angle and makes it appear wider on frontal view. This implant is usually chosen by men who wish to have a more flared jaw.

The second creates more length and definition, but does not add significant width. This is a great choice for women who would like to see a more defined jawline from the profile view, but do not wish to have a wider jaw.

The third is a combination of the previously described implants. These fit patients who are interested in increasing both width and length of the jawbone.

Each of these different shaped implants comes in a variety of sizes. Dr. Rodman helps patients to decide which implant and which size will best fit their face.

For patients with asymmetric anatomy, there is also the option of custom made implants. An implant designed specifically for each patient’s anatomy can be designed based on the CT scan. This is the best option for patients with significant asymmetry who are looking to balance the face.