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Chin Implants

Chin Augmentation:

As a craniofacial surgeon, I educate patients on the risks and benefits of both chin implant and osseous genioplasty for chin augmentation.
Often patients are only offered an implant by other surgeons. I believe it is important for patients to understand both procedures and then decide which is best for their anatomy, goals and timeline.

Dr. Regina Rodman

Chin Implants

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A weak chin can be corrected by several methods, depending on severity and the type of movement needed. Each method has risks and benefits. Every patient comes with unique goals and needs. An in person consultation with Dr. Rodman is important for a full evaluation and to make sure your goals are met.

A chin implant can give more projection in the horizontal plane, and some are designed to give a slight vertical projection as well.

Your Chin Implants Consultation

At your consultation you will discuss the options for different types of chin implants, and pick the size and shape that best compliments your face. You will also be asked about your expectations regarding the procedure and what you hope to achieve from it.

Chin Implants Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate is a patient who has a small or slightly weak chin and wishes to have more projection and/or more definition. Patients must have normal occlusion and good dentition. Patients who have a very small chin or teeth that do not come together properly are more likely to benefit from a genioplasty or orthognathic surgery.

Chin implants are best for patients who wish to have a different shape or moderate enhancement of the chin. Dr. Rodman can help determine which procedure is best for you at your consult.

The best candidates for chin implants are those in good overall health with realistic expectations regarding the procedure. If you are a smoker, it will be necessary to quit several weeks before the date of the surgery.

Your Chin Implants Session

A chin implant is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be done under IV anesthesia. Dr. Rodman will make a small incision under the chin, about 1.5 cm long and it hides very well so it is hard to notice it once it heals. The procedure takes about one hour and you will go home the same day. Expect some swelling and bruising for the first week, patients can generally resume light activity within a few days.

Chin Implants Aftercare

The recovery process after chin augmentation varies from patient to patient. Following a chin implant procedure, patients are discouraged to perform physically strenuous activities for at least one week.

When implants have been placed through incisions in the patient’s mouth, a water rinse will be required multiple times after each meal or snack. For 48 hours after the procedure, patients will also need to sleep with their head elevated.

Your Chin Implants will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

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