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Facial Masculinization in Houston, Texas

Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston
Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston

A Strong, Masculine Face

FMS in Houston with Face Forward

Many men, both transgender and cisgender, seek a more masculine appearance. One must understand the differences between male and female faces to achieve a more masculine look. In the forehead, men tend to have a more prominent brow bone, more projected orbital rims, and eyebrows that are straight across and sit on the orbital rim, lower than where female brows sit. In the midface, men tend to have less volume in the cheeks and more prominent cheekbones. On the lower face, men tend to have more narrow lips, a more prominent and square chin, and a wider jawline.

Dr. Rodman at Face Forward Houston is a published author and international speaker on the subject of gender affirmation surgery. This extensive study has made Dr. Rodman an expert on facial analysis and what features make a face look feminine or masculine. This expertise allows her to look at a person's face and offer suggestions to make a patient's face more masculine. In addition, her years of surgical experience performing facial masculinization in Houston allow the patient's goals to become a reality.

What is Facial Masculinization?

Confidence Restored

At Face Forward Houston Facial Masculinization is a combination of surgeries to different areas of the face to create a stronger, more defined, and more masculine face. Dr. Rodman customizes each surgery according to the individual patient's needs. Every patient's face is different, and the goals and desires are varied, so every surgical plan is personal and unique. Some of the procedures that may be included are brow bossing and orbital rim augmentation, jaw augmentation, chin augmentation, buccal fat removal, augmentation rhinoplasty, neck and chin liposuction, and the creation of an Adam's apple.

Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston

Who is Facial Masculinization for?

Facial masculinization surgery is for transgender men, cisgender men, and nonbinary patients who wish to have more masculine facial features.

Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston

What can FMS do?

There are several areas that can be improved with facial masculinization.


Personalized Care You Deserve

To develop a customized plan for facial masculinization that meets your specific needs, book a consultation with Houston facial masculinization provider Dr. Rodman. Dr. Rodman takes the time to listen to each patient, understand their concerns, aspirations, and objectives. After evaluating your individual circumstances, she will provide her professional opinion on the procedures that will help you attain your desired outcome. At Face Forward, our team is committed to delivering tailored care and exceptional results to all of our patients.

Your facial masculinization surgery will be conducted at Dr. Regina Rodman's surgical hospital in Houston, TX.

FMS Preparation and Procedure

In many cases of facial masculinization surgery, the patient will need to get a CT scan of the facial bones.

Whether or not you need a CT scan will be determined during your consultation. Forehead implants are always custom-made based on the patient's CT scan. Patients opting for a custom jaw or chin implant also need a CT scan. A CT scan may be needed in other cases of asymmetry, previous surgery, or trauma. Dr. Rodman will determine whether a scan is needed in each case.

Patients who choose to have a custom forehead implant for brow bossing augmentation or custom jaw implants should plan for a surgery date at least 5-6 weeks from consultation. This allows adequate time for the process of virtual surgical planning and creation of the implant and to have it shipped to the surgical hospital.

In the weeks before surgery, patients should do all they can to optimize their health and well-being.

Some of the factors that can help ensure a smooth surgery and recovery are:

  • Stop smoking and stop all nicotine products, including vape, patches, and gum
  • Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients from fruits and vegetables and high in protein
  • Getting enough sleep every night
  • Staying hydrated, drinking plenty of water
  • Stop taking aspirin, Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium (Aleve)

Patients taking medication or supplements should disclose a full list before the surgery. Any medications that need to be held will be discussed.

In most cases, hormone therapy should not be stopped.

A complete pre-operative visit is done before surgery, where patients can ask any questions that may have arisen. A detailed description of the aftercare will be reviewed during this visit. Ideally, the patient's caregiver should be present at this visit so they can also hear the instructions. Patients who travel to Houston from out of town can have this visit the afternoon before surgery.

FMS Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

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After surgery, your face will be wrapped in a bandage which is worn overnight the first night.

Patients traveling from out of town should plan to stay at least one full week in Houston. Patients must be seen the day following surgery and on day 5 or 6 for suture removal. Subsequent visits can be done virtually.

Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston

Maintaining your Facial Masculinization Results

The changes created by facial masculinization surgery will last a lifetime. The implants do not need to be exchanged or removed. Any scars from the surgery are well-hidden and will continue to fade with time.

Facial Masculinization Frequently Asked Questions

Every facial masculinization surgery is designed with the patient's goals, desires, facial anatomy, and areas of dysphoria in mind. Dr. Rodman brings years of experience but approaches every patient as a unique case and will recommend appropriate procedures and assist the patient in deciding which treatments will comprise their facial masculinization journey.

Yes. In healthy patients, elective surgery can safely extend to include all desired procedures. Each patient's health and fitness to undergo anesthesia is evaluated by an anesthesia provider before surgery. If the anesthesia team determines it is safe to proceed, many patients prefer to have all surgeries at once, so they have only one anesthesia, one recovery, and one period of downtime.

Whether or not you must stay overnight in the hospital depends on your surgical plan and the length of your surgery. Most facial masculinization surgeries are safe to perform as an outpatient. In some cases, Dr. Rodman will recommend hiring a nurse to care for you in your home or hotel for the first night.

Facial Masculinization is considered an elective procedure, and while it may significantly improve a patient's quality of life, a patient should never feel it is required. Fillers like Restylane or RHA may create augmentation in areas such as the chin and jaw. These are injectables that can be done in the office. These results are not permanent but allow patients to "try on" the results before having surgery.

Each facial masculinization procedure Dr. Rodman performs is customized based on the patient's anatomy and aesthetic goals. The total cost depends on which procedures are.being performed, the length of the surgery, and the anatomy of each patient. Face Forward Houston also offers financing through Patient FI.

Gender-affirming surgeries are sometimes covered by insurance, often depending on your employer and whether they have opted for a plan that includes services for transgender people. To determine if your health insurance covers these services, you must call your insurance provider and ask if they cover surgeries to treat gender dysphoria.

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Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston Facial Masculinization Surgery Houston

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