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Microinfusion Facial in Houston, TX

Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Microinfusion Facial Houston
Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Microinfusion Facial Houston

The Total Package

Microinfusion Facials in Houston | Face Forward

We all want healthy-looking, firm, smooth, and silky skin. Unfortunately, our skin comes into contact with various elements daily, each of which contributes to the gradual dulling of its healthy, natural sheen. You are probably familiar with the fact that microneedling can improve the appearance of one's skin. But what if you combine the rejuvenating advantages of microneedling with infusions of hydration, vitamins, dermal fillers, and Botox without downtime? Introducing the Miracle Microinfusion Facial (MMI Facial). This ground-breaking treatment, which is offered to patients at Face Forward Houston, has the potential to become your skin's new best friend.

Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston

Everything Your Skin Could Need

What is a Microinfusion Facial?

At Face Forward Houston Microinfusion facial is a non-invasive skin care technique that uses tiny needles to deliver active ingredients to the skin. The Miracle micro infusion facial is the “red carpet facial.” This procedure is perfect for those who want smooth, glowing skin without downtime. The MMI is for you if you are looking for an improved glow and better skin health with quick results.

How does MMI work?

The serum used in MMI combines ingredients including a neuromodulator such as Dysport, hyaluronic acid filler, growth factors, Vitamin C anti-inflammatory, and PRP if the patient desires. This special plumping, vitamin-rich mixture is "stamped" into the skin using hollow needles, allowing it to enter the skin directly for a rapid response. While we have a suggested mixture, patients may add PRP or several other vitamins. This approach allows you to create your own unique remedy using the serum or serums of your choice. After a Microinfusion Facial Houston patients will see a rapid, visible improvement in their skin.

Microneedling vs. Microinfusion (MMI)

Both microneedling and Microinfusion Facials serve similar purposes. Both employ needles, but MMI needles are hollow and much smaller. While microneedling needles penetrate 1-3mm, the needles of the MMI only penetrate the skin a fraction of a millimeter. The depth is enough to infuse the serums, neuromodulators, and growth factors into the skin but not deep enough to cause swelling or prolonged redness. The MMI facial may cause slight redness for one day, but patients are “runway ready” in two to three days. It not only improves the skin's texture through the direct effect on the tiny needle punctures but also delivers specialized products through special channels in the tiny, hollow microneedles directly into the skin. Regular microneedling does require some downtime, and repeated treatments see the results over time. The MMI produces quick results with almost no downtime. The MMI is great for sensitive skin and treating sensitive areas around the eyes.

MMI at Face Forward

Face Forward's microinfusion facials are highly personalized, as are all our treatments. Our focus is on your results and ensuring you get the best care that fits your needs.

A Radiant Complexion

What can a Microinfusion Facial do?

An MMI facial is ideal for those seeking a dewy, radiant complexion. The MMI will target fine lines and wrinkles, refine pores, acne scarring, dryness, tone, texture, and boost hydration.

Unrivaled Personalized Care

Your Microinfusion Facial Consultation

Our medical aesthetic providers take the time to listen to your goals for improving your skin and any other objectives you have for improving your appearance. Our commitment to delivering outcomes you love makes our staff some of the best in Houston. Schedule your consultation to learn about what is possible with an MMI facial.

A Pleasant, Stress-Free Experience

Microinfusion Facial Preparation and Procedure

The medical aesthetic providers will begin your session by cleaning your face. After that, the microinfusion device, created specifically for facial use, will be placed on your skin. We strive to ensure a pleasant, stress-free, and speedy experience throughout your procedure. If you schedule your consultation and procedure for one session, you can estimate your total treatment time between 30 and 60 minutes.

Microinfusion Facial Houston Microinfusion Facial Houston

Special-Occasion Ready

Microinfusion Facial Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

For most people, optimal benefits from a Microinfusion Facial can be achieved from one treatment and will last for one to four months. Very dry or wrinkled skin may require two treatments. Three to seven days is all it takes to see your full results. We advise no make-up until the next day and not washing the face for at least 8 hours after the MMI facial treatment. No swimming, saunas, or steam rooms for one week. Non-comedogenic sunscreens can be applied. Skin Serums can be applied before bed. An MMI is the perfect facial to prepare you for a special occasion because of the glow your skin will take on after the treatment.

Maintaining your microinfusion facial results

Depending on the individual, this procedure can be repeated every one to three months. Receiving several treatments throughout the year ensures your skin's look will continue to improve. Your nurse practitioner at Face Forward will help customize a plan and provide maintenance instructions to ensure the longest-lasting results possible.

Microinfusion Facials Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Our microinfusion devices use ultra-short 0.6mm needles, so you shouldn’t experience much discomfort during your treatment. You may feel a slight sting here and there, but this procedure is not painful overall. Many patients opt to use numbing cream for 15-20 minutes before the procedure to ensure an entirely comfortable procedure. The skin of the face is cleansed, and the chosen ingredients are placed in the sterile tube of the MMI facial device. Houston Microinfusion Facial patients are usually relaxed and pain-free throughout the procedure.

What are the risks?

Your skin may be sensitive or pink for a few hours following treatment, but this side effect is temporary. If you have a skin disorder, you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist before receiving a microinfusion facial.

What kind of skin is not suitable for a Microinfusion Facial?

MMI facial will not be administered on sunburned skin. The area to be treated must be clean and free of any lotion, makeup, and sunscreen. These must be completely washed off before treatment. No area to be treated should receive any chemical peel for two weeks before or after treatment. Not suitable for active acne, pregnant and breastfeeding women, or those with broken skin or infections.

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The Face Forward process starts with a consultation. You will meet with Dr. Rodman (either in the office or via video call) to discuss the result or look you want to achieve. Dr. Rodman will review and educate you about your options and schedule you for the procedure of your choice. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as necessary. Achieve your look and enjoy the new you! Schedule your consultation for plastic surgery in Houston at Face Forward today.

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