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Profileplasty in Houston, TX

Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Profileplasty Houston
Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Profileplasty Houston

Balance and Harmony

Profileplasty in Houston | Face Forward

One of the first features of your face that people notice from your side view is your chin, followed by your nose. When seen from the side, these features are the ones that tend to create the shape of your face, called the profile. At Face Forard Houston profileplasty involves revising the nose, chin, and neck to improve facial harmony and create a more proportionate side profile. Dr. Regina Rodman at Face Forward Houston has specialized training in profileplasty and is highly skilled in bony cosmetic facial surgery. Her goal is to provide balance to your face and confidence in your daily life. Schedule a Houston Profileplasty appointment today to learn more.

Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston

Profile Picture Ready

What is profileplasty?

Dr. Rodman will customize your profileplasty based on her observation and your desired results. A profileplasty may include a surgical correction of the nose, augmentation or reduction of the chin, work on the neck (such as submental liposuction, lipectomy, or a minilift), and possibly forehead reduction. A profileplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at creating a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing facial profile. Profileplasty changes several areas in one surgical procedure to ensure balance between the areas. This approach allows us to achieve the most harmonious and lasting results.

Profileplasty at Face Forward Houston

Dr. Regina Rodman is double board-certified in ENT and facial plastics, an expert in noses, and has special training in cosmetic craniofacial surgery, which makes her an expert in bony changes to the chin. With Dr. Rodman's extensive experience, you can be confident that the care you are receiving meets the highest standards. Face Forward is committed to ensuring you are happy with your surgical outcomes. We will assist you throughout the consultation process and provide ongoing support as you recover.

Create A More Elegant Profile

What can profileplasty do?

Candidates for profileplasty seek more even proportions among the nose, chin, and submental areas. The appearance of the side profile can be improved using techniques including rhinoplasty, chin surgery, necklift, forehead reduction, or all of them together. In addition, submental liposuction may be employed to reduce fat under the chin. You may be a candidate for a profileplasty if you are seeking a comprehensive treatment plan to improve the proportions of your profile.

Assessing Your Options


At your first appointment for profileplasty Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Rodman will ask about your surgical goals and analyze your facial features. After discussing your options, you will work together to plan a course of treatment to deliver the desired results. Dr. Rodman will provide you with an honest evaluation of what to anticipate from the profileplasty procedure, including a realistic assessment of any risks associated with the process alongside the possible benefits of the procedure.

Reshape and Renew

Profileplasty Preparation and Procedure

Each treatment will be completed in an outpatient clinic, and patients go home the same day. Dr. Rodman often includes a genioplasty to enhance your profile. During this procedure, she moves the bone of the chin forward, backward, or sideways. Genioplasty can be used to reduce large chins, improve symmetry, or augment a receding chin. This helps enhance the position, shape, or contour of your chin. Surgery for genioplasty begins with an incision within the mouth (intraoral), so there are no scars on the skin of the face. The bone of the chin is separated from the rest of the jaw and then moved into the desired position. The chin is held in its new position with very small titanium plates and screws. Sutures to close the incision are inside the mouth and dissolve on their own. The new position of the chin will harmonize and complement the other features of your face.

Sometimes chin implants are an option instead of genioplasty. These can be placed through an incision under the chin, or an incision inside the mouth. Dr. Rodman carefully crafts a pocket to accommodate the implant based on the size and shape in your surgery plan. The rhinoplasty technique varies based on the natural size and shape of your nose and your desired results. It is possible to reduce the size of the nostrils, reshape the tip of the nose, or eliminate a hump. Although most rhinoplasty surgeries are cosmetic, some are required to repair breathing issues caused by the shape of the nose. Dr. Rodman performs a nasal endoscopy to see inside the nose and plans for any breathing issues to be addressed at the same time as your external surgery. Then, she will create a tiny incision on the bottom of the nose to open up the structure and make any necessary changes before closing the wound. In certain circumstances, the incisions are limited to the nose's interior, with no external incisions. She uses absorbable sutures to close the wound. These sutures dissolve on their own over time to improve comfort and reduce the need for further intervention during recovery.

The final touch is Renuvion. Renuvion is a helium-plasma radiofrequency device, meaning it uses helium plasma to heat up and tighten tissue. As a trainer for other surgeons using Renuvion, Dr. Rodman is an expert on the device and techniques specific to its use. Through incisions made in front of the ears and under the chin, Dr. Rodman first liposuctions the fat from underneath the skin in the neck and below the chin. Then, through these tunnels created by the fat removal, she inserts the wand of the Renuvion device to tighten the tissue. This reduces any sagging tissue, creating a sharper contour between the chin and neck and along the jawline. Once all the skin has been tightened, the procedure is finished off with a suture along each side of the face to create a “mini-lift”. Some patients might also opt for a brow bossing reduction to complete the transformation of their profile. This reduces the protrusion of the brow bone to open up the appearance of the eyes and feminize the facial features. Through an incision made in or along the hairline, the brow bone is safely recontoured via either surface burring or complete removal, remodeling, and replacement of the brow bone.

Redefine Yourself

Profileplasty Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Most people can return to their usual routine after about a week of rest, but you will need to refrain from engaging in any strenuous exercise for at least a month. As part of the face dressings that will be applied, a nasal splint will be placed. You may be prescribed pain medication and advised on how to practice oral hygiene while recuperating from the procedure. These measures will help minimize discomfort when eating or speaking.

Maintaining your profileplasty results

We will provide you with care instructions to follow at home so that your profileplasty recovery proceeds as smoothly as possible and your outcomes are maximized. In addition, you will attend one or more follow-up sessions so that we can monitor the progress of your recovery.

Profileplasty Houston Profileplasty Houston

Profileplasty Frequently Asked Questions

You will likely be under anesthesia during the procedure, so you should not feel pain. However, your post-op recovery discomfort can be managed with pain medications prescribed by Dr. Rodman.

Costs will vary according to the requirements of your surgery. Schedule a consultation to receive an estimate.

Insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures. However, if it is medically necessary, you may be able to receive coverage.

Insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures. However, if it is medically necessary, you may be able to receive coverage.

You will need someone to drive you home and help you while you recover.

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