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V-Line Surgery in Houston, TX

V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 V-Line Surgery Houston
V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 V-Line Surgery Houston

Heart Your Face Shape

V-Line Surgery in Houston | Face Forward

A jawline surgery known as a V-line surgery involves reshaping the jaw bone to improve the patient's look from both the front and the side. In order to achieve the best results from this kind of facial plastic surgery, you should visit a cosmetic surgeon specializing in such procedures. Dr. Regina Rodman, the founder of the world-renowned Face Forward Houston plastic surgery clinic, is a double-board-certified surgeon specializing in craniofacial and facial cosmetic surgery.

V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston

Curves Are for Your Face, Too

What is V-Line Surgery?

A prominent mandibular angle can give a coarse and masculine appearance. The so-called “melon seed face” or “heart-shaped face” gives one a more delicate and feminine appearance, and so many people who have a square face are interested in cosmetic surgery to feminize the face. This procedure can be done on women as well as men who desire this change.

V-Line Surgery at Face Forward

Dr. Rodman is a facial plastic and craniofacial surgeon with dual board certifications. She is one of the very few surgeons worldwide that specializes in soft tissue and bony cosmetic surgery, making her one of the most highly sought-after providers to perform this procedure. Patients come to Houston from all over the world to receive life-changing treatments, such as face feminization, forehead reduction, and highly skilled contouring of the chin and jaw.

Frame Your Fabulousness

What can V-line surgery do?

Jawline contouring surgery might be a possibility for you if you feel that your lower face is too wide or square-shaped and are looking for a long-term solution to attain a leaner face shape. A few different anatomical traits may contribute to the appearance of a square face:

  • An excessive angle at the posterior section of the mandible below the ear
  • A thick jaw bone
  • Larger jaw muscles

At Face Forward Houston V-line surgery can help create a more feminine jawline and a more oval-shaped face by lowering the angle of the jaw bone and changing the jaw muscles on the sides of your face. Suppose you have the opposite problem of not having enough jaw definition and are concerned that your lower face is too narrow. In that case, jawline augmentation can be obtained with the use of tailored jaw angle facial implants. As the implants are meant to be inserted on top of the bone underneath the jaw muscles, jaw augmentation, also known as mandibular augmentation, does not always entail cutting the bone.

A Planned Approach


Your initial office visit is your chance to meet Dr. Rodman and learn more about the procedure, as well as her chance to learn about you. She will ask about any medical problems you have, past surgeries, and what medications you take. Some patients have not only a wide gonion-to-gonion distance but also have an angle of the mandible that is low and in the same plane as the chin, called a low gonial angle. This is best seen when looking at the patient from the side. Dr. Rodman will examine your face from all angles, the shape of your jaw as well as the chin. There are several options for contouring the mandible, and careful analysis by Dr. Rodman is necessary to determine which technique will achieve the best outcome. A square face is most apparent when one looks at the patient directly from the front. From this view, we see the wide distance between the two angles of the mandible, called the gonion-to-gonion distance.

CT Scan

After Dr. Rodman has met with you and performed a thorough exam, and you will need to get a CT scan. The CT scan is a series of X-rays that gives information about the shape and size of the bones as well as how the teeth come together. The CT scan is done in the office on the same day of your visit at Dr. Rodman’s Spring Branch location. If you’re interested in learning more about facial feminization techniques like the V-line surgery Houston patients should contact Face Forward to schedule their informative consultation with Dr. Regina Rodman today.

Artistry Meets Engineering

V-Line Surgery Preparation and Procedure

Dr. Rodman’s preferred way to alter the angle of the jaw is called mandibular angle ostectomy, and mandibular outer cortex split. This combination is known as mandibular V-line surgery. In the V-line surgery, all cuts are made inside the mouth, so there are no scars on the face. The angle of the mandible and the back edge of the jaw (ramus) are carved away with a drill. These two procedures can be used separately or together and can be used in combination with genioplasty, masseter resection, and buccal fat pad resection for further contouring. Your V-Line Surgery (Chin & Jaw Reduction) will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

Masseter Resection

The masseter muscle at the back of the jaw plays an important role in the appearance of your overall face shape. An enlarged masseter muscle may contribute to the appearance of an overly broad, bulky, or masculine lower face. A masseter resection procedure may be performed in conjunction with V-line surgery to safely reduce the size of the masseter muscles.

V-Line Surgery Houston V-Line Surgery Houston

Take Time for You

V-Line Surgery Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After the surgery, you will stay one night at the Restorative Suites, which is a medical hotel at the Spring Branch location. These suites combine the luxury of a high-class hotel with a state-of-the-art medical facility and quality nursing care. You can expect swelling and bruising for the first two weeks after surgery and will need to wear an elastic garment around your face and neck to help the area to heal. Because the incisions for the surgery are made inside the mouth, expect to stay on a soft diet for the first two weeks.

Out-of-Town Patients

For patients who live out of town, Dr. Rodman is able to consult by Skype or FaceTime. The initial visit will be similar to a first visit to the office, where you will discuss your goals and come up with a plan for surgery. Surgery can be booked after the initial internet consult, and you will have a pre-operative visit, including a CT scan, the day before your planned surgery.

V-Line Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Your capability to chew will be diminished for a few days. It is crucial that you adhere to a liquid food diet for the first several days, transitioning to a soft food diet as time goes on. Pain can be managed with over-the-counter medication or a prescription provided by Dr. Rodman.

Will I be able to talk after V-Line Surgery?

You will probably have elastics in your upper and lower teeth, which can make clear speech difficult. In the early postoperative days, you might find using a tablet or whiteboard for note-taking and discussion helpful.

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