Support in Houston

There is a wonderful community of transgender women here in Houston.

2 open groups that patients may attend to make some local connections before or after surgery:

  • Trans*fabulous support group 7pm Wednesdays at the Montrose Center 401 Branard St
  • The Houston Transgender Archives meets Monday at 7:30 at Kindred Church on Waugh Dr

Places to stay

The majority of patients stay at a recovery house (see options below) or get an airbnb. If you have a companion traveling with you, an airbnb is often more comfortable since you will need to stay in Houston for two weeks.

Patients often grocery shop before surgery to stock up on soft foods and those that are easy to digest for post surgery.


Houston has two major airports; Bush Intercontinental Airport and Hobby Airport.
Both are easily accessible and roughly equal distance from Dr. Rodman’s office.

Getting around

Uber and Lyft are both readily available in Houston. Taxis are also available but at a slightly higher price. The majority of patients use ride sharing app such as Uber or Lyft to drive them to surgery, pre and post operative appointments.
Patients who stay at the recovery houses will be escorted to all post op appointments.
For patients who are traveling with a companion and prefer to rent a car, all major rental companies serve both airports.


Patients who need more than 8 hours of surgery, or those who have rhinoplasty and jaw/chin surgery simultaneously, will be required to stay overnight. Staying overnight is for patient safety and cannot be compromised.
If more than 10 hours of surgery is needed, the surgery may be split up into two days. The surgeries can be done one week apart, and the patient will still stay two weeks in Houston. Usually the forehead, nose, and lip lift will be done in the first surgery. The second surgery will be jaw, chin, Adam’s apple reduction, Renuvion skin tightening, face/neck lift, and fat grafting will be performed on the second day.
In total, patients should plan to stay for two weeks in Houston.

Post Op Care After Surgery

You must have a responsible adult sign you out of surgery. You cannot get in an Uber or Lyft by yourself after general anesthesia. This person can be a friend or family member. For patients who are unable to bring a companion or wish to have additional support, or we work with several agencies that provide aftercare.

We strongly recommend that you have support and help with you during the week you are recovering. This may be a home health nurse or a friend. FFS is a huge process; physically and emotionally. After surgery you will be uncomfortable and may experience a range of emotions. Having another person check in and help you is necessary.

After Surgery Diet

Jaw and chin
Patients having jaw work done will need to eat a soft diet after surgery. We recommend that you stock up on yogurt, ice cream, eggs, soup, protein powder, mashed potatoes, applesauce and other easy to swallow foods. Anything that can be blended is fine too.

We recommend that you avoid spicy or acidic foods as this may irritate the incision in your mouth. Acidic foods include coca-cola and other soft drinks, orange juice, tomatoes and tomato sauce, lemonade and other citrus fruits.

Nose/Forehead/Renuvion/Trach Shave
Patients may eat and drink whatever they want if they have not had jaw and/or chin work done. We recommend that patients take some clear liquids only the first few hours after surgery. Many patients are nauseous from anesthesia and therefore need to start slow. If clear liquids go down without an issue patients can slowly advance their diet as hunger dictates.

Wound Care
Dr. Rodman will direct patients on the specifics of wound care. All needed supplies will be provided at the pre operative visit.

In general, patients should not remove bandage placed at surgery. Dr. Rodman will do this at your first post operative visit.

Do not shower or get incision wet for 48 hours after surgery. After 48 hours you may shower and wash hair with mild soap and shampoo. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove any crusts that remain on incisions after a shower. Gently apply H2O2 to area and let it bubble crusts off.

Apply vaseline or aquaphor liberally to all incisions. Keeping the wound moist is the most important thing the patient can do to promote healing.

Post Operative Visits
POD #1: Dr. Rodman will see you the day after surgery to remove bandages. For patients who stay overnight this will be in the hospital the next morning. For those who leave the hospital after surgery, an appointment in clinic will be made.

POD #6: Dr. Rodman will also see you day 6 to remove the cast and splints from the nose and check all wounds. Some forehead stitches may be removed at this time.

POD #10: The next follow up visit will be around day 10 after surgery. More forehead sutures will be removed.

POD #14: The final visit will be at the two week mark to remove any remaining stitches and check all wounds.

*If patients have any issues in between visits they are always able to come in at times other than the scheduled post operative visits*