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Jawline Slimming in Houston, TX

Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Slimming Houston
Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Slimming Houston

Smooth Out a Square Jaw

Jawline Slimming in Houston | Face Forward

One of the muscles in your face, the masseter muscle, attaches your lower jaw to your cheek and helps with chewing. If you grind or clench your teeth often, you might experience an enlargement of this muscle, which can profoundly affect the appearance of your lower face. An overdeveloped masseter muscle, for instance, might make a round face look square. It also makes your jaw look much bigger than the rest of your face. It might make one side of your jaw bigger than the other, leading to some degree of facial asymmetry. At Face Forward Houston jawline slimming is achieved with Botox injections, an excellent method for reestablishing a balanced facial profile.

Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston

Calm Your Muscles

What is jawline slimming?

A large jaw causes many people to feel that their face is too masculine or too harsh. A wide jaw can make your face appear square, too strong, or too heavy. Many Houston jawline slimming patients desire a “heart-shaped face” or a “melon seed-shaped face” with full cheeks and a narrow, slim jaw and chin. Several factors, including the angle of the jawbone and the masseter muscle, create the jaw's width. The amount of fat and size of salivary glands also may play a role. While V-line surgery is the best way to reshape the bones of the jaw and chin, there is also a non-surgical option. Injecting neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport into the masseter muscle can assist in sculpting the jaw and reduce the width of the lower face.

Neuromodulator injections into the masseter muscle are an excellent, low-risk,non-surgical option for changing the appearance of the jaw and lower face. Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport calms muscle movement and reduce muscle flexion. In the same way Botox calms wrinkle-causing muscle contractions, it can relax the masseter muscle. The masseter muscle flexes and flares when you bite down, creating an extra width to the jaw. Over time, the muscle may grow large enough that it is still wide and flared even at rest. Injection of a neuromodulator into the masseter muscle relaxes the muscle, decreasing the bulk and minimizing the flare.

Slim and Sharpen

What can jawline slimming do?

Patients who want a more feminine appearance and wish to slim their lower face might be able to achieve their aesthetic goals with Botox injections in the masseter muscle. In particular, patients who notice an extra widening of the jaw when they bite down are great candidates for jaw slimming with Botox. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of treating an overactive or hypertrophic masseter muscle, there are also medical benefits. Neuromodulators injected into the masseter muscle can be helpful for patients who grind or clench their teeth, also called bruxism. Patients with chronic teeth grinding often suffer from pain in the jaw joint (TMJ disorder) or tooth erosion and cracking. Relaxing the masseter muscle helps alleviate these problems. Masseter muscle Botox injections can also help people with migraines or tension headaches caused by teeth grinding. This is because a calm masseter muscle contributes to less total facial tension. The thickness of your masseter muscle will be assessed by examining your jawline when you are biting down firmly. If the masseter muscle is large when you clench your teeth, an injection may help.

Meet Your Aesthetic Specialist


The first order of business is to meet with an aesthetic specialist at Face Forward Houston, who will administer your Botox or Dysport. Your jawline will be evaluated, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and explain your motivation for getting the jawline slimming treatment. Your aesthetic specialist will also review your medical background to ensure that Botox won't exacerbate any preexisting conditions.

A Slim Face Is a Younger Face

Jawline Slimming Preparation and Procedure

You do not need to do anything special before your masseter Botox treatment; it is a simple, walk-in procedure that takes around ten minutes or less to perform. Your masseter muscles will be located between your cheekbones and lower jaw. Once the skin has been cleaned, Houston jawline slimming expert, Dr. Rodman, carefully maps out the shape of the masseter muscle and marks where it flares the most. Her knowledge of facial anatomy, as well as her understanding of the shape, function, and location of the masseter muscle, means she will get an expert and safe injection. Botox or Dysport is injected into the affected region in 3-4 quick injections. The quantity of Botox or Dysport used depends on the problem's severity and the masseter muscles' size. Most new patients begin with 20-25 units per side (40-50 units total). Your aesthetic specialist may hold pressure at the injection sites to reduce the likelihood of swelling and bruising after Botox injections.

Jawline Slimming Houston Jawline Slimming Houston

Softer Features

Jawline Slimming Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Following jawline slimming Houston patients will be able to return to their regular routine immediately. We suggest that patients do not engage in strenuous exercise the same day after injections but may return to work and social activities immediately. Patients may resume regular skin care on the same day. The muscles that received the injections will gradually lose strength. You might think of Botox as a vacation for your muscles. When the masseter muscle is at rest, it becomes less bulky. The result is a narrower, more refined jawline, giving you a more delicate facial appearance. Most people report that their jawline feels softer to the touch within a week or two. Once the neuromodulator has taken full effect at two weeks, the muscle will no longer flare when biting down. Patients will see significantly less flaring and some slimming with the first treatment. However, it will take about 3 treatments to see significant atrophy of the muscle. The first injection relaxes the muscle, and it stops flexing with biting, but multiple treatments cause the muscle to shrink down, making it slimmer and smaller at rest.

Maintaining your jawline slimming results

To maintain the effects of masseter muscle Botox, injections should initially be administered once every three to four months. After a few treatments, the masseter muscle becomes much weaker, and results become longer lasting. Once the muscle has shrunk, maintenance treatments may only need to be performed once every six to twelve months.

Jawline Slimming Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of jaw slimming?

For masseter injections, Face Forward offers a discounted price per unit of neuromodulator compared to the price per unit in other areas of the face. In most cases, the price range is between $400 and $ 600 for treatment on both sides of the face.

What are the risks?

Mild redness, pain, and bruising at the injection sites are the most common adverse effects of Botox. Some people also experience muscle aches.

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