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Adam’s Apple Reduction in Houston, TX

Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston
Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston

Find Your Femininity

Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction at Face Forward

Though both sexes have an Adam’s apple, a prominent Adam’s apple has long been associated with a more masculine appearance. For trans women, nonbinary people, and even some cis women, this feature can distract from a feminine appearance. Adam's apple reduction surgery (also known as tracheal shave surgery, or chondrolaryngoplasty) is a surgical treatment that removes or decreases the size of the vocal cord protrusion known as the Adam's apple. Dr. Regina Rodman is a double board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, who specializes in gender-affirming procedures like Adam's apple reduction.

Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston

A Sleek, Elegant Neck

What is Adam’s apple reduction?

Adam’s apple reduction, also known as a tracheal shave, is a procedure to reduce the bulge in the neck that is commonly seen in men. This surgery may be done in transgender women, as part of facial feminization surgery, or in cis-gender women and men who feel their Adam’s apple is too large.

Adam’s Apple Reduction at Face Forward

Dr. Regina Rodman of Face Forward Houston not only possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in bony cosmetic face surgery but also has specific training in profileplasty. Her objective is to restore harmony and femininity to your appearance to give you more confidence in your day-to-day activities.

Embrace Yourself

What are the benefits of Adam’s apple reduction?

The Adam's apple is a distinctive feature of the male anatomy. When an Adam’s apple signals a mismatch between your biology and your gender identity, it can lead to unnecessary stress and embarrassment. This means that the tracheal shave (or chondrolaryngoplasty) is an essential step in the process of facial feminization. The tracheal shave removes excess cartilage from your Adam's apple, making for a smoother neck and an alluring profile in women. Other benefits include:

  • Vocal cords are preserved
  • A more feminine profile
  • A more elegant and beautiful neck
  • Increased self-assurance
  • Long-term results

Specializing in Empathy


If you’re interested in learning more about our Houston Adam’s apple reduction or to see if you are a candidate for the procedure in Houston, contact our office to see Dr. Rodman for a consult. Your Adam’s Apple Reduction will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX.

Affirm Your Beauty

Adam’s Apple Reduction Preparation and Procedure

During an Adam's Apple Reduction Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Rodman, uses a camera to visualize where the vocal cords are. She marks where the vocal cords insert into the thyroid cartilage externally. This ensures safety while still allowing for an aggressive approach with dramatic results. An incision is made in the highest crease of the neck, or where the chin meets the neck. The incision is only about 1 cm (half an inch) and is high above the Adam’s apple. This ensures that the scar is minimally visible once healed. The thyroid cartilage notch is removed with a blade or with a burr, depending on the patient. Because Dr. Rodman views the vocal cords during the procedure, she can ensure that they are not damaged, and the voice is not altered.

Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston Adam’s Apple Reduction Houston

Nearly Invisible Scarring

Adam’s Apple Reduction Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

The scar from your Adam’s apple reduction is small and sits above the surgical bed in a crease between the neck and the chin. This generally heals very well and is nearly invisible within a few months. Downtime from Adam’s apple reduction when done by itself is about three to five days. It is normal to have a sore throat and some difficulty swallowing after this surgery. Patients should understand this surgery reduces the visible cartilage in the neck but does not alter the voice. Voice surgery is a different procedure, and patients should discuss timing with Dr. Rodman if they are planning a voice procedure.

Maintaining your Adam’s apple reduction results

By following your recovery plan and instructions provided by Dr. Rodman, your results will last a lifetime. There are other procedures that can help you in the long-term goal of feminizing your features that Dr. Rodman can discuss with you during your consultation.

Adam’s Apple Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adam’s apple reduction leave scars?

While every surgical operation will leave a scar, the one left by this particular technique is so minuscule that most could never tell it was there. However, you should still be prepared to use scar gel and keep the area out of the sun after surgery. This will help the scar heal and become as small and invisible as possible.

Can the Adam’s apple grow back?

No, the effects of an Adam's apple reduction operation are long-lasting. Cartilage, in contrast to other tissues, cannot regenerate or mend independently.

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