Orthognathic surgery is also know as double jaw surgery. This surgery corrects irregularities of the bite and changes the way the teeth come together. It may also change the way the face looks and improve sleep apnea.

Jaw surgery is an option for patients who need more movement in their teeth than orthodontics (braces) alone can accomplish. In general, patients will need to wear braces before and after the surgery to make sure the jaws heal and the teeth come together. Usually the orthodontist will work with Dr. Rodman to ensure a smooth process.

In addition to correcting the occlusion (teeth bite) jaw surgery can be done to shorten the midface, set back the jaw or bring it forward which improves the cosmetic appearance of the face. It can be done with a genioplasty to move the chin in an even more dramatic position.

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Virtual Pre Surgical Planning

All jaw surgery is carefully planned before the procedure. A CT scan is done as well as bite mold or a dental scan (usually done by an orthodontist or dentist). This information is then used to create a model of the patient’s jaws and teeth. The whole surgery is done on a computer in order to plan all the movements and ensure every detail is planned. Models and splints are made in advance and used during the surgery to ensure accuracy.

Physician and entire staff always inviting and pleasant. Dr. Rodman is extremely professional, in addition to be very personable. She explains everything in a manner you can understand and listens to your questions and concerns. The office is very clean and well appointed. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
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