For many patients, pinning the ears back (otoplasty) is the solution to ears that appear to stick out too much. For a few patients, it may not be the protrustion, but rather the shape of the ears that they don’t like. For these patients, Dr Rodman has developed a procedure to reshape and reduce the size of the ears. This procedure was developed by Dr Rodman, and she is one of the few facial plastic surgeons who offers this surgery. This procedure can be done under IV sedation and takes about 2-3 hours. In the surgery, Dr Rodman evaluates where the ear is too large and removes the excess skin and cartilage and then places stitches to shape the ears into a smaller form. The scars are hidden in the creases of the ears and barely visible.

What to expect:

Patients are able to go home the same day and pain is easily controlled with medication. Patients may return to work and light activity within a few days, but must avoid strenuous activity for two weeks. Stitches are removed one week after surgery. Patient should be careful to put sunscreen on the ears during the healing process.

This is a unique procedure offered by Dr Rodman that can help patients of any age correct the appearance, shape or size of their ears.