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Forward Thinking Face Forward Houston Plastic Surgery Financing Options

Don’t let a little thing like financing stand between you and your ideal look. Face Forward offers very affordable monthly financing options to qualified applicants through our financing partners at PatientFi, so you can live your best life now. These financial options have no early payoff penalties, so you can manage your bill in the way that works for you.

Surgical Procedures Total Monthly
Buccal Fat Removal $3600 $112.78/mo.
Chin Implant $3985 $124.85/mo.
Hair Grafts $4000 $125.31/mo.
Lip Lift $4100 $128.45/mo.
Liquid Rhino $1500 $47.00/mo.
Otoplasty $3600 $112.78/mo.
Renuvion $6350 $198.93/mo.
Upper Blepharoplasty $2350 $73.62/mo.
Forehead $15380 $481.82/mo., ($4400 down)
Genioplasty (One Piece) $4650 $145.68/mo. ($3200 down)
Hairline Advancement $6850 $214.60/mo., ($4100 down)
Rhinoplasty $6150 $192.67/mo., ($4400 down)
V-Line $8400 $263.16/mo., ($4100 down)

Schedule your Face Forward consultation today to take advantage of these attractive financing options. We will review your procedure and financing options in detail as part of your consultation.

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