A lip lift is a procedure that permanently increases the amount of pink upper lip seen. It also increases dental show. It is a procedure that can be done by itself in the office with local anesthesia or as part of other surgeries, such as facial feminization.

In this procedure, Dr. Rodman removes an ellipse of skin beneath the nose. The upper lip is then pulled up, which helps to show more pink lip as well as more teeth. A fuller upper lip appears more youthful and more femine. Men often have a thin upper lip with a long philtrum and a lip lift can be used to permanently feminize the lips during FFS. This procedure can also be done in women who have lost lip volume due to age. As we age, the distance between the nose and the top lip (called the philtrum) lengthens. Shortening this distance and restoring the pink lip gives a rejuvenated appearance.

A lip lift is a great alternative to lip filler, or it can be done in addition to lip filler. With lip filler, patients may gain volume and horizontal projection, but there is limit to the amount of vertical height they can gain. A lip lift gives vertical show of the lip without increasing the fullness. This avoid an “overfilled” or “done” looking lip.

Recovery from a lip lift is brief. If done in the office, patients go home the same day and can take Tylenol and Ibuprofen only for pain. Sutures stay in for one week, and scar care continues for one year. Best results are achieved with patients who avoid sun exposure and use scar gel diligently. After two weeks, the scar can be covered with make up.

To find out if a lip lift is right for you, discuss your options with Dr. Rodman.