Dr. Rodman is amazing!

Dr. Rodman is great. I was greeted and treated very warmly by her and the staff. Most importantly, I am very pleased with the surgery she performed on me. From the moment I met Dr. Rodman I knew she would be the surgeon for me. Her personality is warm and caring, and her bedside manner is welcoming and professional. I am so glad that I chose her, but most of all, I am glad to have met her.


Lip Reduction

Although lip augmentation with fillers is a very popular procedure, there are some patients who would like to have smaller lips! Some patients want both lips reduced, and some want one smaller to bring symmetry between the two lips.

Dr Rodman can do this procedure in the office with local anesthesia or in OR, depending on what the patient prefers. Either way, she makes the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Before the patient goes to sleep, they model for Dr. Rodman how small they want the lips and that is marked. The patient and Dr. Rodman work together to decide on the size and shape that will make the patient happy and appear natural.

The incision is made behind what we call the wet-dry line, which is the area of the lip that divides the part where one puts lipstick and the wet/mucosal lip. With the incision back there, there is no scar that shows. Fat and mucosa from the under side and back of the lip is removed, and the front of the lip tucks under, making the whole lip appear smaller. The wound is closed with some stitches that need to be removed in one week.

The procedure takes about 1-1.5 hours and you are able to go home afterwards. The lips do swell very much after the surgery, so you won’t see the real results for several weeks. Dr. Rodman gives medicine to help with swelling and pain, but plan on taking it easy for about a week afterward. They will stay swollen for 2-4 weeks, so plan the procedure at a time when you don’t have any important events. As they are healing they may feel tight and need to be massaged to keep the scar soft.

Alternative to Lip reduction.
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