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Neograft Hair Transplant Houston

Introducing Neograft Hair Restoration

Gone are the days of hair “plugs” and artificial-looking transplants. Dr. Rodman uses Neograft, a follicular unit extraction device, to provide beautiful and natural-appearing results. Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is the latest and greatest technological advancement in hair restoration. With FUE there is no large linear scar and little downtime. This minimally invasive procedure is done in the office with patients only requiring local anesthesia.
The Neograft hair transplant system uses pneumatic technology to harvest hairs individually from an area of increased density (usually the back of the head). These single hair follicles are then transplanted into the area that is thinning. This individual harvest means that each hair is gently removed with a small amount of surrounding tissue, but there is no large scar and no stitches. The extraction sites seal up and heal on their own in 2-3 days. The hairs are then placed on the hairline, temporal recession, crown, or where ever the patient desires. This individual placement creates a new hairline most as nature intended. Because the hairs are placed one by one, the appearance afterward appears completely natural.


Who is a candidate?

The best candidates for NeoGraft are patients who have density and thick hair in the back of the head but have a partial loss in another area. This is also a good adjunct procedure for patients who have had a hairline advancement (forehead reduction) in the past but still wish to refine the shape of the hairline.

The day of surgery

The Neograft hair transplant takes place at Face Forward, the office of Dr. Regina Rodman. The patient may wish to take some oral medication to relax, and/or use the Nitronox system to help ease anxiety. The scalp is injected with numbing medicine, so the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. Because of the careful attention to each hair, the procedure may take anywhere between 4-10 hours, depending on the number of grafts needed. Patients are awake during the procedure, and many bring podcasts or music playlists to listen and relax. Others chose to take advantage of the time off and take a nap!

After the surgery

The downtime from the procedure is minimal. Because there is no large incision, patients rarely need more than Tylenol for pain. Some swelling around the eyes is possible for 2-3 days after surgery due to the numbing medicine injected into the scalp. The transplanted hairs will look like small pinpoint scabs for the first week. Patients must be very careful for two weeks after the transplant, and avoid anything that may rub or damage the transplants. Patients may resume day-to-day activities as soon as they feel able, but should not swim, sweat profusely, wear hats or headbands in the area of the grafts for two weeks after the procedure.

How long will the transplanted hairs grow?

The good news about hair transplants is that the results are permanent! Whatever hairs heal and grow after the transplant will live forever. Hair transplant is based on the phenomenon of “donor dominance.” This means that once a living, growing hair is put into an area where there is no hair, that donor hair will bring its genetic information (to grow and live) and take over. The transplanted hair will continue to grow for the life cycle of that follicle. Although the hair follicle will live permanently in its new location, there may be some shedding at first. Shortly after transplant (2-3 weeks) many of the newly transplanted hairs may fall out. This is called “shock loss,” and is only temporary. New hairs will grow back and at 4-6 months patients will be able to see the early results of the transplant.

What does it cost?

Transplants are priced per graft. The total amount of the transplant is determined by how many grafts each patient needs. Dr. Rodman can give an estimate for the cost of a transplant either by an in-person consultation, or online. Patients may send photos to for a rough estimate of the number of grafts needed. Patients who have had surgery with Dr. Rodman previously are eligible for discounts on hair grafting.

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