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Image Guided Surgery

In computer aided sinus surgery, Dr Rodman uses a navigation system to help her locate problem areas in the sinuses and to avoid complications. It is also called image guided surgery, computer guided sinus surgery, surgical navigation, computer-guided imaging systems. The sinus navigation system is much like a GPS system in a car. In this system the computer tells the surgeon where the surgical instruments are in the sinuses based on a “map” image from a special CT scan.

Computer guided sinus surgery is helpful in cases where the inside of the nose is distorted from normal. This may be because of previous surgery, severe polyps, trauma, or tumor. It is also an important tool when the surgeon plans to be operating near sensitive areas, such as the skull base (where the brain sits), the eye socket, the nerve to the eye and the carotid artery. Using navigation helps minimize risk and reduces complications.

Your Image Guided Surgery will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

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