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Chin Reduction in Houston, TX

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Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Chin Reduction Houston

Enhancing Harmony

Houston Chin Reduction | Face Forward

Because your chin is a central point on your face, chin reduction surgery can dramatically revolutionize how you appear and how you feel about yourself. To enhance the look of a large or over-projecting chin, chin reduction surgery involves the removal of extra bone to provide balance and harmony to your face. To narrow a square or wide chin, bone is removed to form a V or U-shaped chin. You may find that after undergoing this procedure, your confidence skyrockets. Dr. Regina Rodman is a facial plastic surgeon with craniofacial training and specializing in cosmetic bone surgery. She knows how to bring harmony to your face through chin reduction. Schedule a consultation with Face Forward Houston to learn more about what Dr. Rodman can do to enhance your appeal.

Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston

Balanced Proportions

What is a chin reduction?

A chin reduction is a surgical operation where the chin's bone is altered to provide a more balanced appearance in the face. Chin reduction may be done by itself and is often suggested with nose surgery (rhinoplasty) to achieve a more pleasing and balanced facial profile.

Chin Reduction at Face Forward

Dr. Rodman is a highly regarded facial plastic surgeon in Houston who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the face. She is one of the few surgeons who specialize in bony cosmetic work. She is a facial plastic surgeon with craniofacial training, meaning she is highly trained in transforming the bones of the face and does it through a cosmetic lens. Other surgeons are focused on how the bones of the face function or on the cosmetic appearance of the soft tissue of the face. Dr. Rodman is one of the few surgeons who focus on the skeleton and bones of the face and how they can be changed to bring a better cosmetic result. She combines her training in facial cosmetic surgery with her training in craniofacial surgery to bring you a rare level of expertise. She brings a compassionate and personal touch that emphasizes patient results above all else, in addition to her extensive expertise and successes in the medical field.

Symmetry is Beautiful

What can chin reduction do?

At Face Forward in Houston chin reduction can improve your appearance if you believe your face is not proportional or symmetrical because of a broad, wide, or projecting chin. If you have ever felt self-conscious about the prominence of your chin, chin reduction may be helpful. However, other approaches can provide the effect you want without requiring the revision of bony material. Making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Rodman is the first step to determining whether chin reduction is the appropriate surgery for achieving your desired results.

Reach Your Aesthetic Goals


When seeking a chin reduction Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rodman, will discuss your medical history and detail your aesthetic goals. She will take time to educate you about your options so that you will have realistic expectations and be able to come up with a plan of action for your procedure. Dr. Rodman will patiently address any questions or concerns to ensure you are fully confident in your decision.

A Precise Approach

Preparing for Chin Reduction Surgery

Houston chin reduction patients who plan to have elective surgery should be in good overall health. Additionally, patients who plan to have a genioplasty should have good dental hygiene and no cavities, no tooth decay, and no active issues with their teeth. It is strongly recommended that patients get a full dental exam to assess for cavities or dental problems before surgery. A dental infection can spread into the bone and soft tissue of the chin, creating healing problems.


The surgery is done under general anesthesia in the operating room. Dr. Rodman will then make an incision in the patient's mouth at the base of the lower teeth to access the chin pad and bone. She will modify the structure of the chin by removing or shaving down extra bone. Before sealing the incision, the muscle and chin pad covering the chin are resecured upwards to make sure the chin doesn’t droop following surgery. The incision is relatively small, and after it heals, it will be unnoticeable and concealed inside the mouth.

Chin Reduction Houston Chin Reduction Houston

Focused Enhancement

Chin Reduction Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After the treatment, you will be free to go home, but you will need a designated adult to pick you up and sign you out of surgery. In addition, following a chin reduction Houston patients should expect to have swelling and possible bruising for seven to ten days.

While the genioplasty does not affect the ability to chew, the incision in the mouth is sore after surgery. For this reason, most patients prefer soft foods during the first week of healing. For the initial stage of the healing process, you should ensure you have access to meals like smoothies, greek yogurt, protein shakes, scrambled eggs, and other nutritious soft foods. After a week has passed, you should feel comfortable enough to go back to work; however, you may continue to feel some discomfort and swelling, which can be managed with anti-inflammatory medications.

Because of the swelling, you might not see optimal results right away. It can take as long as two or three months before the swelling reduces enough to see more definition in the area. The chin will continue to decrease in size every week, but the full result is seen in 9-12 months. With good post-surgical care, the risk of adverse side effects is low. During your private appointment with Dr. Rodman, be sure to bring up any allergies or medical conditions you have.

Results that last a lifetime

Maintaining your chin reduction results

After the first year, you will see a smaller or more narrow chin. The bone does not regrow, and this result will last a lifetime as long as the patient maintains a stable weight Dr. Rodman and her team will provide you with detailed information on how to maintain your chin reduction results. We are available to help you with any other cosmetic services you may want to complement your chin reduction.

Chin Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Fatigue and soreness are normal when healing from chin reduction surgery. Pain relievers can be taken to manage discomfort. Early on, patients should receive plenty of rest and refrain from engaging in any physically demanding activity.

Costs will vary depending on the specifics of your surgery.

Chin reduction is generally cosmetic and not covered by insurance.

The plates and screws used to secure the bones are small, about thumbnail size. These can stay in forever and rarely cause any issues. They are made from titanium, which is an inert metal. They are safe to use in an MRI of the head or face. They are too small to be detected by a metal detector, such as the ones at airport security.

In rare cases, patients may want to have the plate removed. This is possible about one year after surgery. After one year, the chin bone has healed in its new position, and the plate is no longer needed. The plate can be removed as well as the screws, but it does require a second surgery under general anesthesia. Because the plates cause no significant issues if left in place, most patients do not opt for a second surgery to remove them.

Patients can use Invisalign the night after surgery or the next day. After surgery, your teeth might be numb or feel weird, and placing your aligners might be slightly painful as your mouth will be sore. While it may feel strange, you will not damage anything related to the surgery with your aligners. Dr. Rodman recommends resuming your aligners as soon as possible after surgery so your teeth don’t shift.

Our team at Face Forward will provide you with all the supplies you need after surgery, including a special super-soft toothbrush and a prescription for an antibiotic mouthwash. Patients should begin brushing their teeth at least twice daily with the soft toothbrush. They will also be instructed to wash their mouth with mouthwash after every meal.

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The Face Forward process starts with a consultation. You will meet with Dr. Rodman (either in the office or via video call) to discuss the result or look you want to achieve. Dr. Rodman will review and educate you about your options and schedule you for the procedure of your choice. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as necessary. Achieve your look and enjoy the new you! Schedule your consultation for plastic surgery in Houston at Face Forward today.

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