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Facial Mass

Facial Mass

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    Befofre & After

  • Befofre & After
    Befofre & After

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The procedure was virtually painless and my recovery time was even less than expected – a huge bonus!

Dr. Rodman is absolutely fantastic! Smart, professional, and funny is how I would describe her. She has a wonderful “bedside manner” that made me feel extremely comfortable. I had a few “blemishes” on my nose and face that I wanted to take care of for both health and cosmetic reasons. I was hesitant about doing anything about them though since they were on my face and the fear of the outcome being worse then what I was dealing with. A friend suggested I see a plastic surgeon to help ensure it was done with the greatest care for minimal scaring versus just let my dermatologist do it. I was referred to Dr. Rodman and she put me at ease immediately by explaining to me my options, the procedure she would do, and what the recovery time would be. She also helped me determine the correct timing to do the procedure by inquiring about my upcoming plans and hobbies to make sure we scheduled the procedure at a date that would best suit my schedule and lifestyle. The procedure was virtually painless and my recovery time was even less than expected – a huge bonus! Less than a week after the stitches were out and you could barely tell I ever had anything done. If I ever need to have anything else done I will not be waiting and will be calling Dr. Rodman again. Thanks again, Dr. Rodman!!!!

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Lumps and bumps in the face and neck can be caused by several different things. These are problems commonly treated by Dr Rodman.

Lumps on the forehead may be caused by an overgrowth of bone, called an osteoma. These are usually hard bumps under the skin that have been there for many years. A soft, squishy mass on the forehead may be caused by a fatty growth called a lipoma. These also grow very slowly over time. A bump under the cheek or temple may be caused by a skin cyst. These grow slowly or quickly and may change the skin that is over the bump. A mass deep in the cheek, in front of or below the ear may be a growth in the salivary gland. Lumps and bumps under the chin and in the neck have several other causes and may need more tests to figure out what they are.

These are all treated differently, and in some cases, Dr. Rodman may need more information, like a CT scan. At your office visit, she will be able to determine what caused the mass, and what needs to be done to remove it. Many of these can be removed through a short procedure. The goal of all procedures is to leave a scar that is barely noticeable.

Your Facial Mass will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

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