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Jawline Implants in Houston, TX

Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Implants Houston
Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Jawline Implants Houston

Redefine Your Jawline

Jawline Implants in Houston at Face Forward

Those who have never had a defined jawline or chin can now get just that with jawline implants. Dr. Regina Rodman, a double board-certified ENT and facial plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic craniofacial procedures, provides patients with jawline implants uniquely crafted to complement each patient's anatomy while looking completely natural. Schedule your consultation at Face Forward Houston to learn how custom jawline implants can reframe your good looks.

Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston

Many Options to Choose From

What are jawline implants?

Jaw Implants are materials shaped like the angle of the mandible. They are placed through the mouth and secured to the back of the jawbone. The result is a better shape and more definition of the jawline.

Jawline Implant Materials

get the look you want

Jawline implants come in many different premade shapes and sizes. There are also custom implants that can be made specifically for each patient’s unique anatomy. Houston jawline implant patients have a choice of two different materials from which the implants are made.

  • Silastic: These implants are made from hard rubber and are easier to remove if desired. These are similar materials to what Dr. Rodman uses for a chin implant and feel very natural
  • Medpore: this is a harder material that integrates with the soft tissue. These are more secure once healed but harder to remove if desired.

For each shape of the implant, there are several sizes. This variety of pre-made implants helps patients get the look they want. Dr. Rodman helps patients find the implant size and shape they need to best meet their goals.

Custom Implants

asymmetry and balance

Despite the wide range of pre-made implants available, some patients will still wish for a result that is not offered by a pre-made implant. Patients with significant facial asymmetry or jaw asymmetry should not opt for a pre-made implant, as making the jaw more defined will bring more attention to the asymmetry.

For these patients, Dr. Rodman offers custom jawline implants. Dr. Rodman is able to work with design companies to create custom implants for patients who wish to have implants tailored explicitly to their faces. To do so, patients will first need a CT scan of their lower jaw. Houston jaw augmentation expert, Dr. Rodman, will then perform virtual surgical planning to create an implant perfectly suited to each patient. Custom implants are a great option for patients that have a specific idea in mind and cannot find a pre-made implant that fits their goals exactly. Custom implants are also a great option for patients who have jaw asymmetry. The CT scan can mirror one side to the other. A custom implant can be created to compensate for asymmetry and balance the jaw.

Standard Shapes of Implants

There are also several shapes of implants that come “off the shelf” and are available to order. Widening: these implants give increased width to the jaw. They make the angle of the mandible more pronounced, especially from the front. This makes the jaw appear stronger and more square. These implants are most popular with men who wish to have a stronger and wider jawline.

  • Lengthening: these implants give increased length to the angle of the mandible without adding any increase in width. The result is a more defined jawline when viewed from the side profile, without giving an increase in width when viewed from the front. These implants are most popular with women who wish to have more definition while still appearing feminine.
  • Combination: There are also implants that give both height and width to the jaw. These are most popular in transgender men and cisgender men who wish to add volume and shape in both dimensions for a stronger and more masculine jawline.
Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston

Sizes of Implants

Each shape of implant listed above comes in multiple sizes. Dr. Rodman works with each patient to find the size and shape that best fits each patient's face and desired goals.

Jawline Implants at Face Forward

achieve beautiful results

Highly experienced craniofacial surgeon Dr. Rodman performs jawline implants utilizing specialized surgical techniques and implant types based on years of experience. Standard implants come in multiple shapes, sizes, and materials and can be placed carefully to complement the patient’s unique jaw shape. Dr. Rodman can also create custom implants using cutting-edge CT scans and computer imaging technology to craft an implant that snugly fits your jaw. At your jaw augmentation consultation, Dr. Rodman will educate you about your implant options and help you make an informed decision to achieve beautiful results.

Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston

Symmetry and Balance

What can jawline implants do?

For those looking to achieve a more pronounced and sculpted look with jawline implants Houston craniofacial expert, Dr. Rodman will meet with you to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Jawline implants are a good option for men and women who feel that their jaw is small or weak and not in balance with the rest of their face. You may be a good candidate for jaw augmentation if:

  • You want to provide better balance to your face 
  • You have a weak jaw and chin 
  • You have facial asymmetry due to injuries or congenital disabilities and want to get it fixed
  • You want to combat the effects of aging and may benefit from a chin or jaw lift
  • You have appropriate teeth and jaw function, overall good health, and reasonable expectations

Personalized Attention


During your consultation, Dr. Rodman will ask you about your goals and expectations for your appearance. She will also evaluate your facial structure, teeth, and bite to establish the degree of asymmetry or imbalance, which will inform your treatment options and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a jawline implant. Please share details about any recent or ongoing medical treatment you're receiving, including prescription drugs and surgical procedures. If you have any kind of medicine allergy, please let us know. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

The Shape of You

Jawline Implant Preparation and Procedure

This procedure is done as an outpatient and can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with a chin implant or other facial cosmetic procedures such as Redefine by Rodman. The implant is placed through an incision in the mouth. The implant is secured into place with two tiny titanium screws to ensure the implant does not shift. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, the screw is usually placed through the oral incision. In a few cases, it may be placed through a very small incision in the cheek. There may be one small suture on the cheek after surgery, which is removed in about one week. The sutures inside the mouth dissolve on their own after about two weeks.

Results That Last a Lifetime

Jawline Implant Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Following a jawline implant Houston patients can move around after their surgery, but it will take about one week before being ready to return to a full schedule. The first week after surgery, your mouth will be sore, and most patients prefer to eat soft foods. Swelling is expected and takes longer to resolve in the jaw than in other facial procedures. Most of the swelling will go away in the first three to four weeks, but it will take 9-12 months to resolve it fully.

Houston jaw augmentation patients should expect a more cut, defined jawline at 9-12 months when all residual swelling is gone. Bruising is possible and will also subside within a week or two. The stitches in your mouth will dissolve on their own. As with any procedure that causes swelling, the final results may not be seen for up to nine months. You may feel mild to moderate pain for the first week after surgery, which medication can ease. You may also be given antibiotics to prevent infection in early recovery.

Maintaining your jawline implant results

Patients with reasonable hopes and expectations for the outcome of the operation tends to be the most satisfied with the outcome. Custom chin and jaw augmentation help patients with specific needs achieve their best results. Many patients may also benefit from enhancing facial proportions by combining procedures such as the Redefine by Rodman. You may also get a more harmonious appearance by combining chin and jaw augmentation with rhinoplasty.

Jawline Implants Houston Jawline Implants Houston

Jawline Implants Frequently Asked Questions

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