Dr. Rodman performs jaw implants for patients who would like a more sculpted and pronounced jawline. This is a good option for men and women who feel that their jaw is small or weak, and in balance with the rest of their face. This procedure is done as an outpatient and can be done as a stand alone procedure, or in combination with a chin implant or other facial cosmetic procedures.

The implant is placed through an incision in the mouth. The implant is secured into place with 1-2 tiny titanium screws to ensure the implant does not shift. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, the screw may be placed through a very small incision in the cheek, or through the mouth incision. There may be one small suture on the cheek after surgery, which is removed in about one week. The sutures inside the mouth dissolve on their own after about two weeks.

Implant Materials

Jaw implants come in many different shapes, sizes, and different materials. There are also custom implants which can be made specifically for each patient’s unique anatomy. A consult with Dr Rodman will help determine the best size and shape for your needs.

Silastic: These implants are made from a hard rubber. These are a similar material to what Dr. Rodman uses for chin implant and can feel very natural

Medpore: this is a harder material that integrates with the soft tissue. These are very secure once healed.

Jaw Implant illustration

Shapes of Implants

There are several shapes of implants that come “off the shelf” and are available to order
Widening: these implants give increased width to the jaw. They make the angle of the mandible more pronounced, especially from the frontal view. This makes the jaw appear stronger and more square. These implants are most popular with men who wish to have a stronger jawline.

Lengthening: these implants give increased length to the angle of the mandible without adding any increase in width. The result is a more defined jawline when viewed from the side profile, without giving increase in width when viewed from the front. These implants are most popular with women who wish to have more definition, while still appearing feminine.

Combination: there are also implants that give both height and width to the jaw. These are most popular in transgender men and cis men who wish to add both dimensions for a stronger and more masculine jawline.

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Sizes of Implants

Each shape of implant listed above comes in multiple different sizes.

Dr Rodman works with each patient to find the size and shape that best fits each patients face and desired goals.

Custom Implants

Dr Rodman is able to create custom implants for patients who wish to have implants specifically tailored to their face. Patients will need a CT scan of their mandible. Dr. Rodman will then do virtual surgical planning to create an implant perfectly suited to each patient.

Custom implants are a great option for patients that have a specific idea in mind and cannot find a pre made implant that fits their goals exactly.

Custom implants are also a great option for patients who have jaw asymmetry. The CT scan can mirror one side to the other. A custom implant can be created to compensate for asymmetry and balance the jaw.