“If I needed to do it again, I would in a heartbeat!”
I can honestly say I have seen many doctors/specialists and Dr. Rodman is by far the best Dr. I have met. I am extremely happy that I met her. I love my results and I just know it’s only going to look better with time. her work is AMAZING!! Definitely recommend her!
Wendy R.

Forehead Reduction

There are several ways to reduce the forehead. As a craniofacial and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rodman is trained in both bony contouring as well as soft tissue and scalp surgery.

Browbone Reduction

For patients with a large bony prominence at the brow, the bone can be reduced to create a more feminine look. The browbone can be reduced either by shaving it down, or by resetting the bone. Which procedure each patient needs is determined by a CT scan. The majority of patients need to have the bone reset in order to achieve a dramatic difference in the contour of the forehead. This is also called a frontal set back. In this procedure an incision is made right at the hairline, the prominent bone is removed and filed down, and then replaced in a less prominent position.


For many patients, the brows are in a low position over the orbital rims. This generally looks masculine, and may also makes patients look angry or tired. A browlift elevates the brows above the orbital rim, giving a refreshed and feminine appearance.

All three of these procedures are usually be done at the same time. They can also be done in combination with a hair transplant.
What each person wants and needs varies, depending on the size of the browbone and the length of the forehead. Dr. Rodman will work with every patient to meet their individual goals and bring balance and harmony to the patient’s face.