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Gender-Affirming Surgery in Houston, TX

Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston
Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston

Shift Your Future

Gender-affirming surgery may be one of the most important decisions you ever make and should only be performed by a skilled, artistically minded, and caring surgeon. With a wide variety of gender-affirming facial plastic surgery options, this can be the start of something great at Face Forward.

Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston

Gender-Affirming Facial Surgery at Face Forward

At Face Forward, we are committed to offering top-quality patient care and outstanding outcomes for gender-affirming surgery in Houston, TX. Experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeon Dr. Regina Rodman feels that her professional role is to help guide you on your journey toward aesthetic satisfaction and overall wellness.

What is Gender-Affirming Surgery?

Gender-affirming surgery is a procedure or combination of procedures that work to transform a patient’s facial features to match their gender identity. These can include either male-to-female, also called feminization, or female-to-male, also called masculinization, methods that sculpt facial features to achieve a more socially recognizable female or male appearance. Dr Rodman also works with non binary patients who wish to appear androgynous.

What types of Gender-Affirming Surgery procedures are available?

A wide variety of methods and procedures can be used to refine and fine-tune the patient’s desired facial appearance.

Facial Feminization

Feminine facial features typically include brighter eyes, softer lines, and more delicate contours. These can all be achieved with natural-looking results through several different facial feminization and gender-affirming techniques.

Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston

Hairline Lowering

This procedure, which is sometimes known as forehead reduction or scalp advancement surgery, produces a lower, more typical female pattern hairline.

Brow Bone Reduction

This technique seeks to surgically reduce the browbone. This reduces the ridge of bone that is between the brows and under the brows, which often causes a heavy masculine eye appearance. Reducing prominent brows helps make the eyes appear brighter, softer and more feminine.

Orbital Rim Reduction

The ridge of bone on the side of the eyes can be contoured and reduced for a softened, feminine appearance.


A brow lift can raise and shape the brows into a more arched and feminine position. A lifted, arched brow is often a part of the transformative process of facial feminization.


Upper or lower eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, gives the eyes a wider, brighter appearance.


A more delicate nose size, shape, and contour can provide a subtle yet impactful way to bring a more feminine feel to the face.

Cheek Augmentation

A lifted, contoured, and youthful volume can be achieved using cheek implants, fat grafting, or fat transfer.

Buccal Fat Removal

If round cheeks present a plump look, slenderizing the cheeks via buccal fat pad removal can give patients an extremely feminine glow.

Lip Lift

The lips are often a top indicator of male or female physicality, and a lip lift or augmentation can provide a turned-up, feminine pucker.

Chin and Jaw Reduction

The jawline is another area where masculine versus feminine traits can sometimes be obvious. Jaw reduction or chin reduction can have a huge positive impact for a more delicate facial appearance.

Skin Tightening and Resurfacing

A more youthful appearance is sometimes the key to achieving a feminine look. Using skin resurfacing and skin tightening methods like the melange power peel or Renuvion Skin Tightening, sometimes called Renuvion J Plasma, can improve skin tone, texture, and laxity.

Adam's Apple Reduction

This procedure, also known as a tracheal shave, reduces the appearance of one of the most traditionally male physical traits; a large Adam’s apple.


Youthfulness and simply a refined contour can work to soften and feminize the face, which can be effectively achieved using a facelift.

Facial Masculinization

In contrast, facial masculinization gender-affirming methods work to create sharper, more heavily defined lines and a sense of projection and bulk.

Candidates for Gender-Affirming Surgery

No matter where you’re starting, we want to help you get to where you want to be. Those seeking to alter their facial appearance in order to affirm their gender identity with gender-affirmation surgery Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Rodman is ready for your to book your consultation to learn more about whether these procedures are ideal for you and your situation.

Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston Gender-Affirming Surgery Houston

Why choose Face Forward?

Dr. Regina Rodman is a double board-certified Houston facial plastic surgeon. She specializes the in gender-affirming surgery Houston patients are looking for. She believes her calling is helping people achieve confidence and peace through aesthetic transformation. Whether through gender-affirming surgery or her humanitarian work helping domestic abuse victims, she is committed to surgical excellence, remarkable artistry, and patient-focused compassion.

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Gender-Affirming Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Most gender-affirming facial plastic surgeries may cause some discomfort post-surgery but with proper care and medication should not be particularly painful.

The surgical methods used for gender-affirming facial transformation are safe and low-risk, especially in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

In the case of most facial surgical procedures, yes, these are permanent.

Absolutely! We commonly combine an assortment of procedures into one surgical plan and perform them at the same time. As long as you can safely heal, combining procedures means only one time needed for anesthesia and one recovery period.

The cost of gender-affirming surgery varies greatly depending on which procedures are desired and how many will be performed at once. Dr. Rodman does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and so each patient will be given a customized treatment plan based on their individual needs, wants, and goals.

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The Face Forward process starts with a consultation. You will meet with Dr. Rodman (either in the office or via video call) to discuss the result or look you want to achieve. Dr. Rodman will review and educate you about your options and schedule you for the procedure of your choice. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as necessary. Achieve your look and enjoy the new you! Schedule your consultation for plastic surgery in Houston at Face Forward today.

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