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Brow Lift in Houston, TX

Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Brow Lift Houston
Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Brow Lift Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Brow Lift Houston

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Brow Lift in Houston

Your brows are a crucial part of your facial structure. For many patients, the brows are in a low position over the orbital rims. This generally looks masculine and may also make patients look angry or tired. Furthermore, as you get older, they can start to sag, which can cause frown lines and more sagging skin around your eyes. A brow lift elevates the brows above the orbital rim, giving a younger, more refreshed, and more feminine appearance. What each person wants and needs varies, depending on the size of the brow bone and the length of the forehead. Dr. Rodman will work with every Houston brow lift patient to meet their individual goals and bring balance and harmony to the patient’s face. Your Brow Lift will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX.

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Look Refreshed and Bright

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a quick and easy cosmetic surgery that rejuvenates the upper face. The skin on your face can be tightened to move your eyebrows into a more youthful position. A brow lift can also change the shape of your eyebrow arch or smooth out your forehead creases. During a brow lift Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Rodman can make discreet incisions in strategic places to give you your desired results without visible scarring.

Brow Lift vs. Facelift

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The primary distinction between a brow lift and a facelift is the location of the incisions on the face. The main targets of a brow lift are the skin and tissues of the forehead and surrounding areas. A facelift targets the lower face, including the middle of the face and the neck. A facelift can help you look younger by smoothing out your wrinkles and pulling your skin tauter. A brow lift is an option if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead and in the space between your brows.

Restore Your Natural Arch

Brow Lift Benefits

Everyone has the right to love how they look. This treatment might assist you in somewhat changing the position of your brows on your face. We can soften wrinkles and elevate your brows by tightening the skin on your forehead. Aside from these benefits, a brow lift can accomplish the following:

  • Restore the natural arch of your brows
  • Raise sagging upper eyelids
  • Reduce the appearance of crow's feet
  • Remove excess skin on the face

The creases between your brows can reveal a lot about your age. When you have this surgery, you can go back in time. The results can be quite natural-looking, allowing you to fall back in love with your appearance.

Additional Reading

Because this technique is minimally invasive, there isn't much downtime afterward. Although some drooping is typical as we age, you can utilize this process to reverse some of these effects. This technique is recommended for patients who have:

  • A low brow position
  • Deep grooves over the brow
  • Furrows or frown lines over the bridge of your nose
  • Excess skin around the eyes

Whatever your reasons for seeking a brow lift Houston aesthetic experts at Face Forward will ensure that you are pleased with the result. Our Houston facial plastic surgeon will discuss your objectives during your consultation and recommend acceptable incision locations.

Highly Skilled and Dedicated

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Dr. Regina Rodman is a highly skilled facial plastic surgeon who is dedicated to helping you put your best face forward. If you’re interested in learning more about getting a brow lift Houston residents are encouraged to contact our office to schedule their informative consultation today.

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Wrinkles Reduced

Brow Lift Preparation and Procedure

Preparing for the Brow Lift

Before you can have your brow lift procedure done, you might have to make some lifestyle adjustments. You will get detailed instructions from Dr. Rodman that you will need to adhere to in order to experience the best results. These instructions will require you to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking certain medications in the time leading up to the procedure and for some time after. Dr. Rodman will also perform an examination of your facial features and ask you about your medical history to determine if you’d make a good fit for the procedure. Patients undergoing a brow lift should be in good physical health, and have realistic expectations.

Types of Brow Lift

There are two ways of performing a brow lift surgery. Either a traditional brow lift or an endoscopic brow lift will be used, depending on your individual needs. Using the traditional method is more extensive and requires one continuous incision made starting from your ears and ending around your hairline. Based on where your hairline is, Dr. Rodman will try to avoid making a visible scar. The method allows for more significant corrections to be made but will also lead to a longer recovery time. The endoscopic lift is the less extensive method, where Dr. Rodman makes a few short incisions in the scalp to insert a small camera into the treatment area. This allows her to see the area clearly without making a full incision. Since the incisions are small, this procedure is considered less invasive than a traditional brow lift. Also, you will have a shorter recovery period and minimal scarring.

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Brow Lift Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

During the recovery from a brow lift Houston patients may have their forehead and head taped or gently covered to reduce swelling and bruising following the treatment. Make sure to ask your facial plastic surgeon specific questions regarding your recovery period. The recovery period after brow lift surgery may take 10 to 14 days.

Maintaining Your Brow Lift Results

Following your doctor's orders is critical to the success of your operation. We are available to answer any questions or help however we can to ensure your recovery goes smoothly with the best results possible.

Brow Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Does a brow lift leave scars?

Scars from brow lifts heal pretty well and are frequently concealed in the hairline or in natural skin creases around the eyelid.

What is the cost of a brow lift?

The intricacy of your surgery, whether you undergo local or general anesthesia, and various other factors will all influence the cost of your brow lift. Schedule your consultation to receive an estimate.

Does my insurance cover it?

Insurance does not typically cover cosmetic procedures.

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