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Genioplasty in Houston, TX

Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Genioplasty Houston
Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston Top Doctor for 2023 Genioplasty Houston

Make Your Chin the Main Point

Genioplasty at Face Forward

A chin that is too big or too small can create an imbalance in the face. A weak chin can make the nose and/or forehead look too big. A chin that is too large can make the face look long or square. A genioplasty is the most effective way to change the chin shape and size and bring the face into harmony.

At Face Forward Houston Genioplasty, or chin surgery, is a procedure that is also done through incisions in the mouth, and there are no cuts on the outside of the face. A cut is made in the bone with special instruments, and the chin bone has the ability to be moved in any direction needed. It may be done to reduce a chin that sticks out too much or to pull forward a small or weak chin. In some cases, the bone may be removed to create a more dramatic reduction or to alter the shape of the chin. During a genioplasty, only the chin bone is moved and not the rest of the jaw, so the patient’s bite (the way the teeth come together) will not change.

Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston

Why Choose Dr. Rodman at Face Forward Houston

a rare level of expertise

Dr. Rodman is one of the few surgeons who specialize in bony cosmetic work. She is a facial plastic surgeon with craniofacial training, meaning she is highly trained in transforming the bones of the face, and she does it through a cosmetic lens. Other surgeons are focused on how the bones of the face function, or they focus on the cosmetic appearance of the soft tissue of the face. Dr. Rodman is one of the few surgeons who focus on the skeleton and bones of the face and how they can be changed to bring a better cosmetic result. She combines her training in facial cosmetic surgery with her training in craniofacial surgery to bring you a rare level of expertise.

Reshape Your Face

What is osseous genioplasty?

Genioplasty Houston

Augmentation Genioplasty

An augmentation genioplasty is done to move the chin forward. A genioplasty has several advantages over a chin implant. First, the patient’s own bone is moved without a foreign body (the implant). It is held in place with small titanium plates that are completely inert and safe for metal detectors and MRI. Moving the bone forward is the biggest potential movement and generally appears the most natural since it is the patient’s own tissues. The forward movement also stretches the soft tissue under and behind the chin.

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This can help reduce a “double chin” and create an elongated curvature in the submental area. The base of the tongue attaches to the backside of the chin bone. Bringing the chin forward pulls these muscles forward as well. This can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea in patients who have crowding in the back of the throat. Reduction in snoring and sleep apnea is a health benefit that comes along with the improved aesthetic appearance.

A weak chin can be corrected by several methods, including genioplasty, chin implant, and orthognathic surgery. The best choice for each patient depends on the severity and the type of movement needed. Each method has risks and benefits. Every patient comes with unique goals and needs. An in-person consultation with Dr. Rodman is important for a full evaluation and to make sure your goals are met. An advancement genioplasty, where the chin is brought forward, is often done with a rhinoplasty. Because the chin and the nose are the two things that stick out the most from the face, a strong chin helps balance the appearance of the nose and creates harmony across the facial features. These two procedures are safe to be performed at the same time.

Genioplasty Houston

Reduction Genioplasty

While the chin can be made larger in several ways, a reduction genioplasty is the only way to make it smaller. A reduction genioplasty is done to reduce the chin for patients who feel their chin is too big. The chin can be moved backward, or Dr. Rodman can make it smaller and more narrow, or both. What type of surgery is needed will depend on the patient’s anatomy, the current shape and size of the chin, and the patient’s desired results. Patients who have an overly pointed and over-projected chin and want a softer, more round chin are candidates for what Dr. Rodman calls a one-piece genioplasty. In this procedure, the extra bone can be burred down. In this procedure, the excess bone is removed, and there is no need for plates and screws. For patients with a square chin who wish to have a more V or U shape, what Dr. Rodman calls a three-piece genioplasty is done.

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In this procedure, three cuts in the bone are made in the shape of a T. A strip of bone is removed from the center, and the two sides are brought together and held in place with a small titanium plate and screws. This creates a significant reduction in size and a more narrow V shape. A more narrow chin makes the lower face appear tapered and more feminine. Reduction genioplasty is frequently performed with V-line surgery. In V-line surgery, the mandibular angles (jaw bone) are contoured to create a shape where the entire lower face tapers into a shape that resembles the letter V. V-line surgery narrows the angles of the jaw, and the genioplasty narrows the chin. This contouring can produce a dramatic result which makes the lower face appear softer and more delicate.

“As a craniofacial surgeon, I educate patients...”

on the risks and benefits of both chin implant and osseous genioplasty for chin augmentation. Often patients are only offered an implant by other surgeons. I believe it is important for patients to understand both procedures and then decide which is best for their anatomy, goals, and timeline."

Dr. Regina Rodman

Reposition Your Future

What can genioplasty do?

Because it works by shifting the location of your chin bone, osseous genioplasty may provide a greater range of options for altering your profile than a chin implant. The method is more adaptable and may treat a wider variety of issues, including macrogenia (an overly big chin), microgenia (an underdeveloped chin), and asymmetry of the chin. When you’re ready for your osseous genioplasty Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Regina Rodman, will perform the procedure at her surgery center located in Houston, TX.

Chin & Jaw Reduction

Chin Augmentation with Genioplasty

Your Next Step

Osseous Genioplasty Preparation and Procedure

An osseous genioplasty can be done in a hospital or office. General anesthesia is typically administered for your comfort. Dr. Rodman pulls down your lower lip and makes an incision below your bottom teeth. The chin’s soft tissue is then separated. She then cuts a reference line in your chin.

This keeps the bone straight when it's moved. Dr. Rodman cuts the chin bone horizontally and removes a wedge of bone while repositioning or reducing your chin. The bone is then shifted forward or backward and secured with very small titanium plate and screws. To lengthen the chin, the jawbone is reattached with a gap. Over time, the bone will fill the gap. To shorten the chin, Dr. Rodman removes a wedge of bone and reconnects the chin to the jaw Chin surgery may cause a "step" in the bone. Without facial hair, women's steps are more noticeable than men's. Dr. Rodman may shave some bone to hide a step.

Genioplasty Houston Genioplasty Houston

Permanent Enhancement

Osseous Genioplasty Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

After your osseous genioplasty Houston craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Rodman, will likely prescribe a two-day course of oral antibiotics to be taken after surgery. Due to the absorbability of oral sutures, a second hospital visit for removal is unnecessary. A diet of liquids or soft foods is suggested during early recovery. After each meal, you should gargle with water or an antibacterial mouthwash to remove food particles and germs. Wound dressings and compression tape can be taken off and most normal activities resumed after three to five days. For the first ten days after surgery, spend extra time resting and recuperating. Don't play any contact sports for at least a couple of months. Bruising, redness, and swelling are possible, although these usually fade within a few days.

Osseous Genioplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Costs will vary depending on the complexity of your surgery. Schedule your consultation to learn about the cost of your individual procedure.

Genioplasty is typically done for cosmetic issues, which means insurance does not cover it.

The plates and screws used to secure the bones are small, about the size of a thumbnail. These can stay in forever and rarely cause any issues. They are made from titanium, which is an inert metal. They are safe to use in an MRI of the head or face. They are too small to be detected by a metal detector, such as the ones at airport security.

In rare cases, patients may want to have the plate removed. This is possible about one year after surgery. After one year, the chin bone has healed in its new position, and the plate is no longer needed. The plate can be removed as well as the screws, but it does require a second surgery under general anesthesia. Because the plates cause no significant issues if left in place, most patients do not opt for a second surgery to have them removed.

Yes, patients are able to use Invisalign the night after surgery or the next day. Your teeth might be numb or feel weird after surgery, and placing your aligner might be slightly painful as your mouth will be sore. While it may feel weird, you will not damage anything related to the surgery with your aligners. Dr. Rodman recommends resuming your aligners as soon as possible after surgery so your teeth don’t shift.

Our team at Face Forward will provide you with all the supplies you need after surgery, including a special super-soft toothbrush and a prescription for an antibiotic mouthwash. Houston osseous genioplasty patients should begin brushing their teeth at least twice daily with the soft toothbrush. They will also be instructed to wash their mouth with mouthwash after every meal.

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