For many patients, the brows are in a low position over the orbital rims. While each patient is different, in general men tend to have brows that sit at the orbital rim and are straight across. Women tend to have more arch to the brows, and they sit just above the orbital rim. A low brow generally looks masculine, and may also makes patients look angry or tired. A browlift elevates the brows above the orbital rim, giving a refreshed and feminine appearance. In cases where patients desire a more arched brow, this can also be achieved. Dr. Rodman takes care to give arch that is natural and soft, creating lift predominantly laterally so the patient looks awake and refreshed and not surprised.

Even patients who do not want a significant change will need a small browlift if they are having a browbone reduction. When the browbone is reduced, there is less bone support, but the amount of soft tissue remains the same. The brows must be “lifted” just to be redraped into the same position they sat before.

Browbossing Reduction, Browlift and Hairline Advacement are three procedures that are often done at the same time. They can also be done in combination with a hair transplant.

Your Brow Lift For Facial Feminization will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

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What each person wants and needs varies, depending on the size of the browbone, the position of the brows, and the length of the forehead. Dr. Rodman will work with every patient to meet their individual goals and bring balance and harmony to the patient’s face.