Renuvion is a breakthrough in skin tightening and minimally invasive procedures. After trying many of the other devices on the market, I was amazed at the results of this device. This technology far advanced of anything we have seen before. It is the perfect treatment for patients who are starting to get jowling and loose skin of the neck, but don’t yet need a facelift. I am certain that this minimally invasive energy device is the future of plastic surgery

Dr. Regina Rodman

About Renuvion. A skin tightening solution.

Are you noticing your skin is losing its youthful tone? Are you starting to notice sagging where there was not sagging before? Dr. Rodman is happy to provide a minimally-invasive solution with Renuvion.



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What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is a device used for skin tightening procedures formerly known as J Plasma. This device uses a combination of radio frequency energy and helium plasma to tighten skin. The Renuvion procedure can be performed in an office setting under local anesthesia. Dr. Rodman includes liposuction of the jawline and a “suture mini lift” to candidates to provide a more defined jawline and to optimize results.

What is Renuvion Rejuvenation by Rodman?

This Renuvion rejuvenation procedure always includes three parts to address the three layers of the neck. Liposuction to remove extra fat; Renuvion to tighten the skin, and the suture mini lift to lift any sagging of the platysma muscle. This combination leads to better results compared to any other minimally invasive procedures performed in the office by other surgeons. The Renvion helium plasma technology is the most powerful on the market today, making the skin tightening results superior to similar devices.

What sets Dr Rodman apart from other surgeons?

Dr, Rodman is a peer trainer for Renuvion, meaning she teaches other surgeons how to use the device and improve their techniques. She has been appointed by Apyx medical to give lectures on Renuvion at national and international meetings. She is a leader in teaching other surgeons to use the technology to maximum efficacy and safety.

How does Renuvion work?

The device delivers a controlled, even application of helium plasma and radio frequency (RF) energy beneath the skin. This powerful combination of energy allows the device to heat and contract the connective tissue below your skin. The helium and heats and then cools tissue quickly, minimizing the risk of burns or damage to surrounding tissue.

The Renuvion is able to achieve consistent, significant tightening without an extensive recovery. It is an excellent alternative to more invasive procedures.


Your Renuvion will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

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Am I a good candidate for Renuvion?

This procedure is a good option for patients who experience mild to moderate skin excess and who do not want large scars, incisions or extended downtime. It is great for people who are starting to experience loose skin, but are not yet ready for a full facelift.

Not everyone is a candidate for the Renuvion procedure. Dr. Rodman consults with each patient and customizes a treatment plan to help patients reach their aesthetic goals. The ideal candidate would be between ages 30-50 with mild to moderate skin laxity. The ideal candidate would not have a large amount of excess skin that actually needs to be lifted and removed.

During your one on one consultation with Dr. Rodman will discuss in detail all your options for surgery and the risks and benefits of each. Renuvion is a good option for those patients wanting facial rejuvenation but not at the point of needing a full facelift.

How should I prepare for my procedure?

The day of the procedure patients should be prepared to be in the office roughly 2 to 2.5 hours. During this time the patient will be prepped, sign surgical consents, have the opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns that may have not been asked during the consultation. The patient should also have transportation arrangements in place to and from the procedure. A mild oral sedative is given to patients to help them relax during the procedure, which affects their ability to drive. We also have Nitronox (laughing gas) available for patients should they need it. The procedure itself takes about 1-1.5 hours.

As mentioned previously Renuvion is a less invasive surgical option with less down time. Patients typically experience low energy levels the first few days following surgery. This procedure is often done on Fridays to allow the patient the weekend to recover. Over the 1st week patients will start to feel better with each passing day. There may be some mild swelling and residual bruising. We do provide a head wrap that is applied after the procedure and request patients wear this at least 23 hours each day if possible over the first week. This helps with fluid accumulation and suppresses swelling.

Can Renuvion be combined with other procedures?

Yes! Renuvion can be combined with other procedures to help you achieve the results you want. Renuvion is frequently combined with liposuction to help produce the best results possible. Schedule a consultation today and ask us more about what other procedures Renuvion can enhance.

How Long Do Renuvion Results last?

Results will vary from person to person but generally results last for years. Patients will see results within a week, but maximum results are seen six to nine months after treatment.

What are the alternatives to Renuvion?

An alternative procedure would be a rhytidectomy also known as a face lift. A facelift is performed in a hospital setting with general anesthesia and typically requires an overnight stay. The recovery is longer and this procedure is more invasive. Renuvion can provide 65-70 % results without the downtime of a facelift for patients with moderate skin laxity, and up to 100% results for patients with mild skin laxity. Renuvion does not require general anesthesia, can be performed in an office setting, has less recovery time, is minimally invasive, and a lesser risk of complications.

What is the price?

The price range for this varies based on the specific needs of each patient. This procedure does have add-on procedures for an additional cost. Dr. Rodman however does bundle liposuction and Nitrous gas into the procedure cost. Typically this is an additional cost in most other facilities or offices. She believes that liposuction done in conjunction with the Renuvion provides better results then just the Renuvion as a standalone procedure. Following your consultation each patient will meet with our patient coordinator to discuss your individualized quote and schedule availability.

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