For women and men who were born with a very high hairline and a long forehead, getting bangs may seem like the only solution. The good news, is there is a surgical procedure that can lower the hairline and reduce the size of the forehead. There is now a is a permanent way to bring better proportion to the face. This procedure is referred to as a hairline lowering surgery.

Forehead reduction surgery, or hairline lowering surgery, is an option available to reduce vertical height of the forehead. In patients who desire a more feminine appearance, brow bossing can be reduced as well.

Forehead Reduction Surgery: What is it?

The procedure itself is sometimes called a forehead reduction, hairline advancement, or hairline lowering. It can be done in at the same time as a browlift. For patients with a very prominent brow bone, a browbone reduction can be done in the same procedure as well.

Dr. Regina Rodman, M.D., of Face Forward in Houston, TX, performs forehead reduction, brow lifts, and is one of the few surgeons in the country who performs browbone reduction.

Hairline Advancement

To advance the hairline, dissection is performed in the plane under the scalp. Once all of the scalp tissue is loosened, the whole scalp is brought forward. Extra skin from the forehead is removed, and very careful stitches are placed to seal the hairline to the new, lower forehead. The incision in hidden well in the the hairline. Dr. Rodman uses what is called a tricophytic incision, which is a diagonal incision that allows hair to regrow through the incision. The new hairs help to conceal the scar further.

Browbone reduction

In cases where the brow bone itself it very prominent, Rodman does what is called a type 3 brow bone reduction. The bone that is protruded too far is removed, reshaped, and placed back on the head in a more posterior position. The result is a softer, more feminine appearance. This removal of bone and resetting it, is the most effective way to obtain a soft, natural curving feminine forehead. For patients who have mild browbone bossing, the bone can be burred down without removing it. This is known as a type 1 brow bossing reduction. The orbital rims can also be contoured to reduce heaviness over the lateral eyes. Reduction in the browbone results in brighter, softer eyes that appear refreshed and more feminine.


Another procedure that Dr. Rodman performs in conjunction with the above procedures is a brow lift.

In a brow lift, Dr. Rodman raises the eyebrows slightly above the orbital rim, and creates a gentle curve. This takes away the heavy, tired, or saggy appearance and creates a refreshed, soft and feminine appearance. She takes care to create a look where patients still appear natural. The goal is for patients to still appear as themselves, just a rested and refreshed version of themselves.

Who is Forehead Reduction For?

This procedure is for anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their forehead.

A forehead that is in better balance with the rest of face will boost self confidence. For many patients, this new forehead will make a difference in their lifestyle and fashion decisions. Ponytails become an option! It can also change their self-confidence and identity perception. Patients may feel free to chose a different hairstyle that expresses their identity without worrying about how much forehead shows.

Each person’s concerns will be different; the forehead bone, the position of the eyebrows, or the high hairline. The specifics of each procedure needs to be discussed between the doctor and patient to achieve the most desirable results.

Forehead reduction is something that should be discussed with your doctor to ensure you are a candidate for the procedure. Overall health concerns are taken into consideration whenever an elective surgery is being considered.

Is There a Lot of Downtime With This Procedure?

Everyone’s healing and pain threshold is different, but the short answer is no. Patients need about one week off of work and four weeks away from high intensity exercise or lifting weights. Patients will have headache and tightness for the first few days, but pain is reported to be tolerable.

The scar is large, but well hidden. Patients will feel well after one week, but need to continue scar care up to one year after surgery. There are various products such as silicone gel and scar strips that can help soften the appearance of the scar as it heals.

I’m Ready to Change My Forehead.

Changing a part of your appearance can not only change how others see you, but it can change how you see yourself.

If you aren’t sure what you want to be done exactly with your forehead, you start collecting photos to reference of people you admire. This can help you communicate what you want, or at least what you find attractive when you speak to a surgeon.

Contacting Dr. Rodman’s office to schedule a consultation is the first step to scheduling your procedure.

A consultation will help determine if the procedure and the doctor are all a good fit for your needs. It is also the time to bring all of the questions and concerns you might have to the surgeon.

Check Us Out for a Consultation

Even if you are not in the Houston, TX, area, you can schedule an online consultation with Dr. Regina Rodman, M.D. at Face Forward. An online consultation may be helpful to find out what the doctor recommends to achieve the desired results.

Other or alternative procedures may be discussed in conjunction with or as an alternative to a full forehead reduction surgery to achieve the look you desire.

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