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Network Like a Woman

When I first started in practice, I found photos in my senior partner’s office of him and his close friends on weekend trips and at dinner celebrations. I noticed that these close friends were also the doctors who refer many of the patients to his practice. It makes sense that our colleagues become our friends. […]

What to do if you did NOT match

I know yesterday was match day for US medical students, but Facebook just reminded me that 10 years ago today was the day I DID NOT MATCH in Otolaryngology. For those med students who did match, congratulations! For those of you who didn’t, ITS OK. I swear, you will be fine. Match Day For everyone […]

The wage gap for female physicians

There has been much attention this weekend to a comment made by a internal medicine physician from Plano, TX in the Dallas Medical Journal regarding the gender pay gap. For anyone who missed it, Dr Tigges claimed that “Female physicians do not work as hard…they don’t want to work the long hours. Nothing needs to […]

GRIT: consistency over time leads to excellence

We see so many images of people’s success on social media, it is easy to feel inadequate. We see the end result, the glory, the win…but we do not see the process it took to get there. There are few photos of failed lifts, finishing last, an unsuccessful experiment, getting a C on an assignment. […]

Success: it starts with believing in yourself

Success Someone recently commented to me that I am very successful for my age. I have learned to accept compliments and just say “thank you” but it got me thinking. Am I successful? It certainly doesn’t feel like it some days. I struggle, I fail, I feel frustrated. But when I take a step back […]