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Buccal Lipectomy

Buccal Lipectomy

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Amazing service and results!

Absolutely love the staff and service I have received here! Dr. Rodman took her time during our consultation to answer my concerns. The results I have seen in my face exceeded my expectations and I’m so happy! I feel more confident and love the way I look!

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What is buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal is a procedure that is also referred to as a buccal lipectomy. The procedure consists of surgically removing the buccal fat pads inside your cheeks. This procedure will remove deep and embedded fat from the inside of the cheeks and can create a more balanced and slimmer face. This procedure can give the face a more contoured look.

Who is a candidate?

Usually, patients seek this procedure out because they feel they have a wider or rounder face and would like a little more definition around and under their cheek bones. This procedure can reduce the width of round faces and allow the face to look slimmer and more defined.

A good candidate for this procedure is someone who has round cheeks that are resistant to weight loss, dislikes the fullness of thier cheeks, is in good physical health, healthy weight, have realistic expectations and does not smoke.

Buccal fat removal is a procedure that is not always meant for every patient. Ratients who have an already narrow face naturally would want to stay away from this procedure because it could cause more sunken in cheek area as you age. Age also plays a role in deciding if you are a good candidate or not, as you age your face naturally loses its fat pockets and this procedure might emphasize your jowls and other signs that cause your face to look older.

Will I look hollow?

The short answer is no. Dr. Rodman meets with every patient before the procedure, and if there is a risk that a patient will look to gaunt or hollow after the procedure, she will not recommend this procedure. For patients with excess fullness, this is a procedure that creates a visible, but subtle change. The way Dr. Rodman does the procedure, she makes a small incision inside the cheek, dissects to the buccal fat pad, and then takes whatever “extra” fat comes out. She does not pull on the fat pad or dig deeply into the cheek, as that would risk over resection of the fat. She does not take the extension of the buccal fat pad that fills the temple. The result is a lighter, more defined look that is not overly hollow. To see examples and be reassured that patients still maintain facial volume, check out some of Dr. Rodman’s before and after photos in our gallery!

Can buccal fat removal be done with other surgeries?

Buccal Fat removal can be done with other surgeries or by itself. It is often done with V line surgery (jaw reduction) and genioplasty to narrow the lower face. It can also be done with neck and chin liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening, to slim and contour the lower face. Many patient also opt to do the procedure by itself in the office!

What are the alternatives?

There are other alternative procedures you can try first before deciding if buccal fat removal is right for you. In our office we also offer Kybella injections. These injections can be used to dissolve stubborn fat pockets in the face and neck. It usually takes a series of injections to get a desired look. The difference in both of these procedures is that the buccal fat removal procedure instantly removes the fat from that area and the injections tend to take a course of a few months to see results and multiple injections.. A patient can decide if they are wanting a more long term course of action procedure or a one and done type of procedure like the buccal fat removal surgery.

Can this be done in the office?

This procedure can be done in an office setting under local anesthesia or combined with other procedures and can be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. Typically when the procedure is done in office the patient will arrive a little earlier then their procedure time so we can get all vitals, prep you in our in-office surgical room and can decide if you would like to be given medication to relax your nerves and make you more comfortable while the procedure takes place. The preparation, intake and procedure normally takes about minutes to 1 to 2 hour from start to finish. The incision is typically done inside the mouth allowing for little down time and a quick recovery. The sutures that are used are dissolvable so they will not need to be removed.

What is recovery like?

The recovery after buccal fat removal surgery is somewhat easier than other procedures, there is little downtime and patients can typically get their procedure done on a Friday and be back to work on Monday. There is some swelling for the first two to three days but subsides after. The patient will need to make sure their incisions are clean and rinsed after eating and we suggest more softer food and liquids for the first two days after surgery.

What is the price?

Each buccal fat removal procedure performed by Dr. Rodman is customized based on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals. The price of a buccal fat removal procedure is affected by the total surgery time, the techniques required, and whether you combine the procedure with additional facial plastic surgeries.

To find out if a buccal fat removal procedure in Houston is right for you, schedule a consultation to discuss your options with Dr. Rodman. The Face Forward team looks forward to providing the personalized care and amazing results you deserve!

Your Buccal Lipectomy will be performed in Dr. Regina Rodman‘s surgery center located in Houston, TX

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