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Chin and Jaw Transformation in Houston, TX

Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston
Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston

Reframe Your Face

Chin and Jaw Transformation in Houston | Face Forward

The chin is a facial characteristic that often goes unnoticed. However, the chin brings symmetry to the face and helps provide balanced proportions. Many people believe they have a big nose when, in actuality, a weak chin is the issue. A chin that better fits and frames your face will dramatically impact your overall look and confidence. Dr. Regina Rodman is a world-renowned craniofacial surgeon specializing in jaw and chin transformations. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your options to reframe your face.

Strengthen Your Jaw

What is chin and jaw transformation?

A weak chin can be corrected by several methods, depending on the severity and the type of movement needed. Each method has risks and benefits and every patient comes with unique goals and needs. An in-person consultation with Dr. Rodman is important for a full evaluation and to make sure your goals are met.

Chin Implants

A chin implant can give more projection in the horizontal plane, and some are designed to give a slight vertical projection as well. However, a chin implant cannot reduce the size of the chin.

Osseous Genioplasty

A chin that is too big or too small can create an imbalance in the face. A weak chin can make the nose and forehead look too big while a chin that is too large can make a face look long or square. A genioplasty is the most effective way to change the chin shape and size and bring the face into harmony.

Additional Reading

Genioplasty, or chin surgery, is a procedure that is done through incisions in the mouth, and there are no cuts on the outside of the face. A cut is made in the bone with special instruments, and the chin bone is moved in any direction needed. It may be done to reduce a chin that sticks out too much or to pull forward a small or weak chin. In some cases, some bone may be removed to create a more dramatic reduction and change the shape of the chin. This can narrow a square chin and create a more V shaped lower face. In genioplasty, only the chin bone is moved and not the rest of the jaw, so the patient’s bite (the way the teeth come together) will not change.

Chin and Jaw Transformation at Face Forward

“As a craniofacial surgeon, I educate patients on the risks and benefits of both chin implants and osseous genioplasty for chin augmentation. Often patients are only offered an implant by other surgeons. I believe it is important for patients to understand both procedures and then decide which is best for their anatomy, goals, and timeline.”

—Dr. Regina Rodman

Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston

Transform your Beauty

What can chin and jaw transformation do?

Changing the jawline can make a big difference in how the face looks and how symmetrical it is. People either get jawline surgery to improve their jawline and chin, or surgery to make their chin or jawline less noticeable. TMJ, a painful condition that affects the jaw and teeth, can also be fixed with craniofacial surgery.

Learn About Your Options


At your consultation, Dr. Rodman will examine your medical history, listen to your aesthetic goals, and educate you about all the options you have to achieve your perfect look with reasonable expectations.

Getting Ready for Surgery

Chin and Jaw Transformation Preparation and Procedure

Chin Implants

The chin implant is the less invasive of the two options. During the procedure, Dr. Rodman will make precise cuts on either side of the lower lip and expose the chin bone. This is usually done with local anesthesia. Then, titanium screws are used to hold your chosen chin implant to the lower jaw in the right place. Dr. Rodman will then close the cut and sew the skin back together. You’ll have to wear a pressure bandage for two days after the procedure to keep the new chin in place and protect it. If a person is unhappy with the results of a chin implant, it is easy to change it. The recovery time for this procedure is also a lot shorter than that of a genioplasty.


Genioplasty is a more invasive procedure. It does, however, have outstanding and long-lasting effects. Dr. Rodman will make a cut inside the mouth at the base of your lower teeth to access the chin bone. The bone will then be cut as needed to move the chin forward and fix it in place with titanium plates and screws. Like with chin implants, Dr. Rodman will sew up the cut and put on a pressure bandage for you to wear for two to three days. The effects of genioplasty are stable and last a long time. But the recovery time is much longer than when you get chin implants.

Redefine Your Looks

Chin and Jaw Transformation Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Implants are less invasive than genioplasty and have a quicker recovery time. Less pain and swelling means less discomfort. Regardless, it may take a few weeks to feel better. After a medical operation, it's best to take it easy for a while. Some swelling and bruises are to be expected for up to two weeks. Dr. Rodman may prescribe antibiotics for you to take while your mouth recovers.

Chin and Jaw «  Houston Chin and Jaw «  Houston

Chin and Jaw Transformation Frequently Asked Questions